Fall/Harvest Theme Hairstyle

I wanted to do a style that has a fall theme. Starting with well moisturized hair, I made a part in her hair from ear to ear. Next I parted her hair in half, straight down the middle and section off the four sides (think of a plus(+) sign). Next I took one of the top sides and split that down the middle, and then made two parts going across. Which made a total of 6 small individual boxes, on the front section.

 I did the same on the other top half of hair creating a total of 12 boxed sections on the top of her hair. 6 on one side, and 6 on the other. I used a rubber band to separate and tie off each box. I began twisting each section of hair (right over left, and repeat) all the way to the ends of her hair.

Once all 12 sections were twisted, I started to criss-cross the individual twist.
Finally, I began making 5 parts in the back of her hair. I took the last twisted section of hair (on top) and unraveled it a bit and began braiding it. I continued to braid her hair and then began cornrowing the hair all the way down. At the end, I added the beads.

Time approx.1 hour
Products used: Wide tooth comb & Rubber bands


LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls | Friday, January 21, 2011

WOW i just love the first design you have on this post! That is super adorable i just love N's thick healthy hair :) Wish i had thick hair :)

Kandy | Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thanks Kim!!

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