Mini Box Braids

We are back, with a new style! ..Mini Braids!!

If you would of asked me years ago, "Kandy, would you ever put Lady N's hair in very small braids?" I would've said "NO WAY!" (aint nobody got time fo that) lol. 
I know how these styles are so time consuming, from putting them in, to the take down. BUT after our friend Four Natural Girls showcased our first set of box braids (which were alot bigger.) She kind of made me want to give box braids another try. But this time I wanted to make them smaller, in hopes of it lasting longer. The good news is, it has lasted almost 3 weeks, and still looks pretty good, with minimum frizz. (woohoo)

For this style, I prepared her hair a day earlier. I washed, deep conditioned, and then banded her hair for a day to stretch it a bit before styling. 
I started her hair around 1:00 pm and didn't finish until almost 7 pm. -insert sad music- We had plenty of breaks, but this was still a pretty long process.

 I used our *go-to* styling products, eco styler gel, mixed with bee mine curly butter for hold. I applied this mix to each piece right before braiding. Then, when I reached the ends of her braid, I twirled the ends with my finger. Doing this created a tiny curl to lock the braid into place, and to prevent it from unraveling. I created small box-sized sections throughout her hair. 

Overall, I can say we are happy to have mini box braids! They last longer for us verses mini twists, and they are a great protective style. Even though they take, what seems like forever to do, especially with her hair length. It was definitely worth it. 

Have you ever tried creating small box braids, if so how was your experience? 
Comment below. 

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