SpotLight Interview: Elena & Bree

1.) Your name and little one's name/nickname?
Elena and my daughter's name is Bree

 2.) What's your child's haircare routine?
I wash Ms. Bree's hair every other week (unless he hair is full of sand from playing at the playground), and I co-wash her the weeks in between her washes.

3.) What products are you currently using?
I mainly use 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer. Depending on the style I may use Bee Mine Curly Butter, Bee Mine Deja Hair Milk.


4.) Do you use heat/chemicals on the child's hair?
NO, we do not use any chemicals at all, we are trying to stay as natural as possible.
From time to time I give in and flat ironed her hair but I take all the necessary steps to protect her hair from heat damage.

5.) How does your child feel about their hair?
She loves it! She prefers her hair free of any style like braids and cornrows and I believe is because it takes less time!! after all she is almost four yrs old. She loves feel of her free and natural hair, twists out and braids out are also her favorites.


6.) What was the worst hair tip you have received?
To RELAX it in order to make it easier on me!! But that was not an option for me. I read and read, purchased several products and tried several techniques until I found what worked for her.

7.) Do you cut/trim the hair? if so how often?
Believe it or not, I had never trimmed her hair until recently and it was soon after seeing a post by you. I started to notice a couple of split ends and read your post and I did it myself!!

8.) What is some hair advice you would like to share?

The best advice I would like to share is that establishing a routine is very important for any curly babies. the sooner you get a routine established the better. Then I would also say, don't get discouraged if a style doesn't look right after your first try, try and try again, with time you will get better and you will. The important thing here is that you try and continue to try and have fun in the process. This is a great bonding experience so don't give up!!

-If Bree isn't the cutest little girl!!! I love her curls and her Mom Elena is doing her "THANG" at taking care of her hair! I'm so glad our post on trimming has helped you! Keep up the great job! If you would like to see more cute styles on Bree, come follow their hair journey here: Caramel Curlz & Swirlz

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