Curly Hair Care Tips

Shampoo: Its recommended to wash the hair every 7-10 days, washing it more than that can dry out the hair. Co-wash the hair on those messy days (ex. sand in the hair, kids are kids lol). When shampooing make sure to use the balls of your finger instead of nails, scratching the scalp can irritate the scalp.When choosing a product, try to avoid shampoos which contain lauryl sulfate. This ingredient is designed to strip the natural oils in the hair and wasnt designed for ver curly hair.

Shampoo helps keep the hair soft and healthy.There are 2 types of conditioners.
Instant Conditioner- It comes in a "rinse out" and "leave-in" form. Both forms are good, it all depends on the need of the child's hair.
Deep Conditioner- Is absorbed into the hair to impove the apperance. This type should be used at each wash for hair that is damanged or exposed to chlorine and used once a month, for hair thats not damanaged. Allow the deep conditioner to stay in the hair for at least 15 minutes before rinsing.

Detangling: Its best to detange the hair in sections using a widetooth comb, make sure to hold the hair firmly at the root and begin combing at the ends of the hair working your way up.

Moisturizer: After all the hair has been combed through make sure to apply moisture to the hair use a oil that melts into the hair. Some of the best oils to use are sage, olive, rosemary, lavender and almond. Avoid using lanolin, petroleum and mineral oils, because they may clog the pores and attract dust and dirt. if hair is unable to breathe the natural hair process may slow down.

Infant Hair Care: Infants require special, but simple, hair care. Whether a baby has lots of hair or very little, a baby’s scalp is fragile and the hair follicles are still developing, so the baby’s hair and scalp need gentle care. A baby’s hair and scalp can be cleaned with a washcloth and a natural, mild baby shampoo. It should then be rinsed with luke-warm water. A baby’s hair should typically not be washed more than once a week. A small amount of oil should then be applied to the hair, brushing it with a soft-bristle baby brush.When choosing an oil, you want something that is very light and natural. Choose a product that contains herbs, olive oil and other natural ingredients (e.g. aloe, sage oil, olive oil, almond, lavender, rosemary and castor oils). Avoid products that could clog the pores, such as Vaseline.

I hope this info helps :-)

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