When To Trim My Child's Hair?

I have been asked several times, "What age should I trim my childs hair?" Age 1 or 4?" Well the answer is, when they need it. Trimming isn't something that should be done every 6-8 weeks or etc, doing so will make it hard to retain length. Trimming should be done because the hair needs it. When your hair is damaged (split ends or etc) That is when you should cut/trim away the damaged parts. The ends of our hair is the oldest part, and requires more TLC and attention. But when we fail to give it all of the attention it needs, or when we damage it by neglect, heat damage, or have too many single strand knots, the ends of our hair needs to be trimmed.

So whether your child is 3 or 13 pay attention to what their hair needs, there is no time frame to cut. If you take really good care of the ends of your hair you most likely won't trim your hair at all.  

-(Trick?)  So when you do trim your hair?

Celebrity SpotLight: Aoki and Ming Lee Simmons

What's better than one celebrity with curls?...Sisters with curls!

Aoki and Ming Lee Simmons have a gorgeous head of curls!

-I would love to know their hair regimen lol

SpotLight- Naomi

Remember this cute little face below?
She was featured in our SpotLight back in January.

It's Naomi, and she is here for another SpotLight!

Naomi Osibajo
4 years old

Naomi's Hair care routine/Regimen:

-I wash her hair 2 or 3 times every week.
-Her hair is really soft, so we can’t pull it to tight which limits the kind of styles we can do, also she has very full hair.
We cover those flaws by leaving her hair in afros over braiding it or putting it in ponytails.
- After washing her hair we style it with Mixed Chicks.

Isn't she a little doll baby! and her hair, ahh it's marvelous!
Thanks for keeping us updated on Naomi, and keep up the great work with her hair care! You can check them out on their blog http://sassy-assa.blogspot.com/

-If you would like to see your child on the next "SpotLight" click here for details!-

25 Mins Or Less Style: Braided Headband Into A Bun

--click on photos to enlarge--

It's been awhile since I've created a hairstyle for our 25 mins segment. I saw this style on Pinterest (If you are on it, come follow us-click here-) Once I seen it, I saved the photo and tried to do a child's rendition of it.

I watched this Youtube video to help me create the headband braid. 

It didn't come out as cute as her's, because I braided on the hair line instead of down. I will definitely try this headband braid again lol. 


1.) In the front of the hair create the headband braid.

2.) Starting in the back of the hair, create one large cornbraid going upwards.

3.) Stop the cornbraid where you would like the bun to be.

4.) I created a messy bun, and use a hair tie to form the bun. A cute sock bun, or afro puff would also look great. 

That's It!! Simple and cute! this would also make a really pretty style for a night out! 

Products Used:
Hair Ties
Wide Tooth Comb
(optional: styling/holding product)

Baby N's Hairstyles: Free Hair

She is growing up so quickly! But here is a picture of Baby N when she was a few days old. As you can see, she had a full head of hair. Her hair was straight until she was 1 and a half, then the curls/tangles came. I most likely used Johnson&Johnson products in her hair. As a baby I did not style her hair, I left it loose and she rocked headbands. I started styles when she was 2, and braids and more intricate styles when she was 4.  

Twirlyz Winner!!

The Twirlyz contest is officially over -sad face- Big thanks to our friend from Twirlyz for the awesome giveaway!  Be sure to check out their site! Also you can use the code "Kandy" to save on your Twirlyz order! Now, I can't forget to thank everyone for taking the time to enter, you all are winners in my book! It's time!! The moment you all have been waiting for...One Winner will receive (1) Large and (1) Small Twirlyz of their choice!! 

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-Please respond to my email by Monday, April 23rd.

2012 School Pictures

Just wanted to share N's 2012 School Pictures. I didn't know what style to create, so Tav from GoldiLocksNMe suggested that I do a cute side ponytail. Simple yet cute, thanks girl! After gym the class took pictures, so I was very happy that her hair still looked nice. 

How To Care For Your Combs And Brushes

Earlier today I asked the question on our Facebook "How do you care for your combs and brushes?" I put together a list of 5 different ways you can care and clean, your combs and brushes. 

1.) Pour shampoo on the combs and brushes, and gently scrape them together to create suds, then rinse.

2.) Pour some detergent in warm/hot water, and let it sit for several minutes, then rinse with running hot water.

3.) Get a old toothbrush, and scrub with dish detergent.

4.) Boil the comb and brush. 

5.) Leave the combs and brushes on the floor of the shower, while you wash your hair. By the time you are finished, simply rinse them with hot water.

Remember to clean them every 2 weeks or when dirty, and more frequently if you share your comb/brushes with others. 

-So how do you care for your comb and brushes? 

Twist Out Pt.2

Sorry for the wait, I decided to break up the "Twist Out Post" into two posts. We are now on Day 4, of our twist out! We do have some frizzies (which is inevitable on curly hair.) But its not too bad. Here is a breakdown of what we've been doing to maintain the twists. 

1.) Wear a scarf each night. Even when she is wrestling or laying on the floor, I make sure she has her scarf on during those times. 

2.) I put her hair in a high loose ponytail/bun at night.

3.) In the morning I either use a spray for moisture, or add my shea butter mix.

Now here is another thing I had to do, on Wednesday night I re-twist the frizzies. I simply wet her hair with our spray bottle (water/conditioner mix.) Then I add a small amount of Eco styler gel and I retwist her hair. I focus mostly on the crown of her hair. I did not retwist her entire head. Here is a few pictures of the area. 

 The white arrows indicate the area I retwisted. 

I did roughly 9 twists total. 

When I first did this style I did not expect it to come out so nicely. Once her twists dried, I thought her hair  looked a mess, I didn't even take a picture. I actually planned on flat ironing N's hair for Easter. But I removed 3 twists in the back of her hair and loved the way it looked. I continued and instantly fell in love! Now, I'm still not thrilled about the appearance of chunky twists (I look at it like a bed time/around the house hair style.) But I really like the results. 
I wanted to share some photos of Day 2-4 of her twist out. 
(Day 2)

 (Day 3)

 (Day 4)

So far so good, I plan on removing this style this weekend to wash her hair. But I'm thrilled that it lasted as long as it did! We will definitely try this style again! 

Have you tried a Twist out? How did you maintain the look?   

Winners Of The Protective Style Challenge

The Protective Style Challenge is over, it's been a long 2 months. I was totally shocked at how much we learned and helped one another. I was even more shocked when many of the Women noticed an inch or more of growth in their child's hair...How cool is that! The main purpose of this challenge was to achieve healthier hair so the mission was accomplished!!
Random.org has selected 12 winners! 
The lucky ladies are: 
and I gave a special award to the women who kept her child's hair in a protective style throughout the entire challenge: Tanaja 

The challenge has been over for awhile now, but we have bonded through this challenge and decided to leave the group open. So if you would like to join us in our love for hair here is the link to enter the group http://www.facebook.com/groups/302862096422177/

Thanks to all who has entered the challenge, and the wonderful sponsors! We had such a blast, so much that we may do another Protective Style Challenge. Be on the lookout for the announcement because we would love to see you there. 

Twist Out

Hello everyone! We are back, I enjoyed my break, and I decided to reduce the amount of posts per week, so I can focus on my family more. I hope everyone had a good holiday. I loved seeing the kids in their beautiful dresses on our Facebook page. If you are on facebook come check out the wonderful photos.

 Over our break I decided to give N's hair a break, and tried chunky twists for the first time. I loved mini twists (click here to see our mini twist post) and after seeing BBB and Natural Hair Care Info lovely chunky braids, I decided to give it a go. 

I shampooed/conditioned her hair, with Blended Beauty products. Then after detangling, I placed her hair in 5 large twists. I unraveled one large twist, and added Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles and Hair Oil to the section. Using my comb, I parted a smaller section and added a tad bit of Eco Styler Gel. I created a two strand twist, and once I reached the ends, I twirled the hair around my finger. I continued doing this to each of the 5 sections, until complete. Whenever her hair started to feel like it's drying, I re-wet it with my spray bottle (water/conditioner mixed.) Overall I estimate that I made around 40 twists total.

I left her hair loose, and sent her to bed with her scarf. In the morning, I rubbed my shea butter mix throughout her twists. Then I slowly unraveled the twists one by one. I added a cute headband and we were off to take our Easter pictures. After our professional pictures, I snapped a few pictures of her hair on my own. 

 She received 2 compliments in church. Then another one in the park, and I explained how to do it while pushing two kids on the swings haha. I was surprised that the woman said "she couldn't wait to try this on her own hair!"

Products Used: 
Blended Beauty Soy Shampoo
Blended Beauty Herbal Reconditioner
Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles
Blended Beauty Hair Oil
Eco Styler Gel
Homemade Shea Butter Mix (click here to see the ingredients.)

Come back for our -Part Two- post on how I maintained this style & our thoughts on chunky twists. 

Twirlyz Giveaway!!

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Vacation/Taking A Break

Hello everyone, I will be on vacation, so the blog will be quiet for awhile. Please browse our archives for tips & inspiration. We will be back soon....see ya later -KandyLandKurls

I wanted to share this before I leave...

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