Our Hair Care Routine

I started Lady N's hair journey in 2009, but was still very lost, and continued using not so good products and techniques. It wasn't until my daughter (Lady N) started going through the "I hate my hair" phase, that I decided to research, ask a million questions, and begin to learn how to care for her hair. I created our blog in late 2010, and began to document her healthy hair journey.

It has taken me years to understand her hair and it's needs (still learning.) But I hope this breakdown of her hair routine can help jumpstart, or help improve, your hair care regimen.

I'm really not into the whole curl typing system. Nothing against it. I just feel like curly hair, no matter what curl type, still needs the basic principles to achieve healthy hair. I haven't found this typing system beneficial to my daughter's hair needs. Porosity and Density, have helped us tremendously, especially with finding the right products for us. But for the sake of trying to relate to her curls, her hair type is 3c/3b/4a (she has 3 curl patterns going on.) But majority is 3c. She has 4a in the middle of her hair and along her hairline, and 3b in the nape area.

As you can see below, she has different types of curls.

(no product in her hair)

We wash once a week, typically on Saturdays, and I style her hair on Sundays. I do not restyle during the week. I'll add a hair accessory, moisturizer & seal, then smooth the hair (if needed.) But I do not restyle, until after the next wash day.

I created a regimen for Lady N, to ensure she is getting a balance of things her hair needs. Each week I have a different treatment for her hair.

Week 1: Pre-poo Oil Treatment.

Week 2: Deep Condition.

Week 3: Protein Treatment.

Week 4: Clarify.


Details on how we do each weekly treatment.

Week 1: 
Pre-poo Oil Treatment
Before wetting or washing Lady N's hair. I melt unrefined coconut oil, and fill up half of my applicator bottle with coconut oil. Then I add extra virgin olive oil, to the other half of the bottle. I make sure the oils are warm. Then, I apply the oil from root to tip in sections, throughout her hair. I let it sit for 15-20 mins, and rinse with warm water. Next, I shampoo like regular with a moisturizing shampoo.

Week 2: 
Deep Condition
After washing her hair with a moisturizing shampoo, I apply a deep conditioner throughout her hair in sections. From root to tip. Next, I put on a shower cap over her hair, and have her sit under a hooded dryer for 20 mins.

Next, I re-wet her hair with a spray bottle (which is a mix of water & conditioner.) Then I begin finger detangling (in sections.) Next I start detangling with a wide tooth comb. Followed by a smaller tooth comb. Note: I will add more conditioner or water as needed, to help provide slip to help get rid of her knots. After detangling I create several large twists, on the completely detangled sections. Finally, I rinse out the deep conditioner, while the hair is still in twists, to prevent knotting.

Note: She is 8 yrs old, so I now use heat to deep condition her hair. When she was younger, I would place a hot towel on top of the shower cap, to help aid in her deep conditioning treatment.

Week 3:
Protein Treatment
Before washing her hair. I beat 2 raw eggs, then apply them in sections in her hair, from root to tip. I let it sit for 15 mins, then rinse with cool/cold water. Then shampoo like regular. Note: If you use eggs, be sure to rinse the eggs out with cool/cold water. Otherwise hot/warm water will literally cook the eggs in your hair which equals, scrambled eggs YUCK!

Week 4:
I use a shampoo that "does" contain sulfates, which is an ingredient that strips all of the products, dirt, and oils, from your hair. This helps her hair to not feel limp, and overly greasy, which makes her hair look dull no matter how many products I try.

Note: I use a moisturizing (sulfate-free) shampoo (except on week 4.) I condition after each wash. Moisturize, and seal daily. I keep her hair in low manipulation/protective styles throughout the week.


 For more information on how/often we trim, please read these two articles:

When to trim
How we trim

Flat Iron/Blow dry

For more information on how we flat iron, and tips on flat ironing, please read these two articles:

Protecting hair from heat damage
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Bedtime Care
 I try to make sure her hair is in some form of braids or twists, which helps to prevent knotting in the morning (she is a wild sleeper.) She also uses a satin scarf on her head (it tends to come off at night & she is forgetful sometimes) but we do try to use it daily.

 I make sure she has a leave in conditioner in her hair. I wet her hair prior to swimming (so her hair won't absorb so much chlorine) It is best to wear a swimming cap. I also wash the next day to get the salt/chlorine out of her hair.


Products we are currently using: These products are our staple products.

Shampoo- Bee Mine Botanical Moisturizing Shampoo/Shea Moisture Shampoo/Kink Curly Come Clean. When we clarify I use a regular shampoo like Suave Naturals to wash.

Conditioners- Suave Naturals Almond&Shea Butter Conditioner/ Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner (I use it in my spray bottle too.)

Deep Conditioner- Blended Beauty Herbal Reconditioner /Bee Mine (Bee-U-Ti-Ful) Moisturizing Deep Conditioner.

Oils- Blended Beauty Oil, Bee Mine Hair and Scalp Moisturizer, Shea Butter Mix.

Styling Products: Bee Mine Curly Butter, Eco Styler Gel, Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles.

Moisturizer: Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer, Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner, Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk, Cara B Naturally Leave In Moisturizer.

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