Product Review: Giovanni Direct Leave in Conditioner

Awhile ago, I brought Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner through Vitacost. I received two bottles for FREE, with our $10 coupon. Each 8 oz bottle was only $4.71. The shipping time was perfect! If you are interested in receiving your own $10 coupon click here.

Enriched with certified organic botanicals. No animal by-products. Cruelty free. Restores strength, lustre and nourishment to abused hair. Moisturizes and builds body. Detangles for easy comb-out styling. To create condition and style, you need to go direct to the source. Direct Leave-In Conditioner goes directly into each hair to provide both. This Leave-In treatment repairs hair as you go through the day. It also has the added benefit of plumping up each repaired hair so that it feels thicker. More bodified. This conditioner infuses each individual hair with protein. Pumps it up. Goes directly to style.   

Ingredients: Aqua (purified water), *aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, *helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, *glycine soja (soybean) seed extract, *betula alba (birch) extract, *malva sylvestris (mallow) extract, *achillea millefolium extract, *chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, *equisetum arvense extract, *lavandula angustifolia (lavender) extract, *rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, *salvia sciarea (clary) extract, *thymus vulgaris (thyme) extract, *tussilago farfara (coltsfoot) flower extract, *urtica dioca (nettle) extract, citrus grandis (grapefruit) extract, cetyl alcohol, tocopherol (vitamin E), panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), citric acid, phenoxyethanol, natural fragrance.

Review: The bottle shape is so unique, my Husband says it looks fancy lol. The product smells like a nice scented perfume, not over powering. The consistency is white, creamy liquid, but not watery. I washed, conditioned, detangled, and then applied Giovanni Direct Leave In, in sections to N's hair. After washing her hair, I always let her hair air dry in a few braids. I added a little bit of Eli's Body Shop Oil to seal in the moisture. In the morning, I gently remove her braids. While I was removing her braids her hair smelled awesome! 

Her braid out was very soft, and bouncy. It left no residue or build up. Like all of our reviews, I used it several times. I have also detangled with this, and used it in our spray bottle mixed with water and oil. Each and every way I tried it, I really liked it! I didn't have to use alot, so this will last us a while. I actually went and purchased 3 more bottles along with Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Conditioner (REVIEW COMING SOON.)  For under $5, this is going to be our new "go to" product. 

Free Samples Of My DNA Hair Products

Free Samples Of My DNA hair care products! I just ordered mine. Just click this link to receive yours.

Let It Breathe

I removed N's cornbraids and twist style, to wash her hair. I noticed some growth (this is another post.) But I decided to let her hair...breathe. When we continually style in braids, cornbraids, or the ponytails of any sort. These styles can put stress on the hair, especially the hair line/edges. We definitely don't want thinning edges or hair period. Sometimes it's best to take a break and let the hair breathe. To just be free! N wore her hair the entire weekend like this, and she was pretty happy to see her hair au'natural! 
Here are a few pics she took while shaking her curls!

How often do you let let down your curls?

UPDATED Shea Moisture Review

We have a update on our Shea Moisture review, as promised.

Mini Bowdabra Satin Ribbon Hair Bow and Bowdabra Sponsored Giveaway

Learn how to design a large satin ribbon hair bow using the Mini Bowdabra. Bowdabra shares the hair bow tutorial below using the Mini Bowdabra and the Hair Bow Tool & Ruler. Bowdabra is celebrating the many uses of ribbon during National Craft Month. Each day the Bowdabra Blog adds a new ribbon craft tutorial along with multiple ways to enter their month long giveaway.

Bowdabra is sponsoring a huge giveaway on their blog and they are allowing my readers to enter their giveaway right here on this POST! Follow the rules below to enter their huge giveaway here and at Bowdabra!

To make a large satin bow you will need the following:
2.25" French Hair Clip
Hot Glue Gun

1. Begin by gathering the materials you will need to make a large satin ribbon bow. Next, place the Hair Bow Tool & Ruler onto the Mini Bowdabra. Cut 18" of Bowdabra Bow Wire and fold it in half and place it into the Mini Bowdabra.

2. Next, cut 32.5" of 1.5" chocolate satin ribbon and dovetail the ends. Fold the satin ribbon in half and at the crease mark place it into the Mini Bowdabra.

3. Fold and press the ribbon strand to create a 3" loop.

4. Fold and press the ribbon on the other side to create a matching 3" loop.
5. Finish with two more 3" loops and leave the tails in the middle pointing out.
6. Cut 52" of 1.5" citrus satin ribbon and dovetail the ends. Fold the ribbon in half and at the crease mark place the ribbon into the Mini Bowdabra. Fold and press a 3" loop make a total of 6 loops and leave the tails on either side. Scrunch down with the wand.

7. Cut 16" of 5/8" antique copper ribbon and dovetail the ends. Fold the ribbon in half at the crease mark and create two 2.5" loops and leave the tails hanging down. Scrunch down with the Mini Bowdabra Wand.

8. While the bow is still in the Mini Bowdabra, thread the two loose ends of the Mini Bowdabra Bow Wire through the loop at the other end. Pull the Bowdabra Bow Wire tightly while the bow is still in the Mini Bowdabra.

9. Gently pull the bow out of the Mini Bowdabra. Separate the two loose ends of the Bowdabra Bow Wire and bring them around to the back of the bow and knot. Use the remaining Bowdabra Bow Wire to attach the bow to a large French clip. Trim away excess. Hot glue the ends of the ribbon tails to the each end of the french clip to secure the large clip to the bow.

10. You hair bow is complete.

11. Optional: Add a small knotted finishing ribbon to the center of the bow to hide the Bowdabra Bow Wire.

12. Your large satin ribbon hair bow is complete.

Thank you Bowdabra for the tutorial and offering my readers a chance to win prizes on your Bowdabra sponsored giveaway. You can visit the Bowdabra Blog for multiple ways to enter their contest along with entering right here on my blog post!

Grand Prize – Ribbon totaling in value of $150.00

2nd Prize – Bowdabra, Mini Bowdabra, and Hair Bow Tool & Ruler Suggested Retail: $41.54

3rd Prize – Mini Bowdabra and Hair Bow Tool & Ruler Suggested Retail: $24.11

Contest begins March 1, 2012 and ends March 31, 2012 at midnight eastern time. Winners to be announce April 2, 2012 at http://bowdabrablog.com

(5 entries per person)

1. Pin this post on your Pinterest board. Please mark the pin with @Bowdabra so that we can easily find it in a search. Please leave a comment below that you pinned it along with your Pinterest name. We would love to follow your boards! (1 entry)

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5. Visit the Bowdabra Blog and get Daily Bowdabra Blog Updates. Enter your email address in the field on their right side bar and get an email every time they add a new tutorial. Leave a comment below that you signed up for their daily updates. (1 entry)


Product Review: Beija Flor Naturals Creme Brulee

We received the Beija Flor Naturals Creme Brulee For Kinks Curls And Coils, thanks to our friends from Beija Flor!

This product is for the happy and nappy, cute and coily, wild and wavy, kinky, curly...well you get the picture! No matter what your ethnic background, if the hair that sits on top of your head can be described as such you know that highly textured hair in all its glory tends to be dry, brittle and prone to breakage. 


Ingredients: Herbal Complex (Nettle, Burdock, Rosemary, Mashmellow Root). Organic Shea Butter, Aloe Butter, Murumuru Butter, Organic Aloe Vera Extract, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Emulsifier, Stearic Acid, Xanthum, Vitamin E Paraben Free Preservative, Fragrance.

Review: I received the Creme Brulee For Kinks Curls And Coils. It's a very thick creme, and smells like peppermint. After I applied to N's hair, she kept sniffing her hair (weirdo child) hahaha. But it did make her hair smell so lovely. I used the creme as a styling product for our braids. 

It's a good holding product, as soon as I applied it on a section for the twists, it clumped her section together. Making it easy to twist her hair, so I didn't have to worry it unraveling. I love it, and I plan on doing many more styles with this. I recommend Creme Brulee on hair that loves very thick products. Even though N's hair is mostly 3C her hair loves thick cremes and heavy products. I will definitely use this again very soon. You can visit their site at http://beijaflornaturals.bigcartel.com/

N's Final Protective Style Challenge Hairstyle

This was our final hairstyle during the protective style challenge. I'm sad to see it end, but we plan on having another one later this year so be on the lookout! During this challenge, I fell in love...with...twists lol. Twist last longer in N's hair than braids, but I missed our cornbraids. I decided to do both style in her hair. 

 I washed and banded her hair over a 2 day period. I started in the back of her hair. I grabbed medium sized sections. I applied Beija Flor Naturals Creme Brulee and eco styler gel to each section. Then I began creating 2 strand twists all over. 

For the top section, I didn't have a design in mind. I just started creating 3 slanted cornbraids. I stopped them mid way while cornbraiding and braided them to the ends, to create a side bang. For the rest of her hair, I made slanted lines and angles and cornbraided them.  To finish the style, I added beads and she requested her Twirlyz on her twists.

 She loves her Twirlyz! Don't forget to use our code: "Kandy" to save on your order. Also they are having a sale you can get $20 worth of Twirlyz for only $10! Click Here for details.

Products Used: 
Beija Flor Naturals Creme Brulee (REVIEW COMING SOON!)
Eco Styler Gel
(Moisturized daily with Cara B Naturally Spray & Leave In)

Celebrity SpotLight: Skai Jackson

N loves The Disney Channel, and since starting this blog, everywhere I go, I notice kid's hair lol.
On The Disney Show "Jessie" you can see Miss Skai Jackson and her gorgeous natural hair.



I'm so happy that Disney embraced her hair. Rock those curls girl!!

Product Review: Sweet Honey Child

The first time I checked out Sweet Honey Child website, I instantly fell in love with their adorable products!

Sweet Honey Child is a place for exploration and celebration of the uniqueness of your brown-skinned sweeties! Here you will find products that reflect their beauty, sense of style, culture and celebrate their heritage. Our objective is to make them feel special by creating products and accessories that they can see themselves in! Children find comfort in familiarity…seeing themselves in the products and accessories they use will be great fun and a great source of pride and comfort!

Review: I received a box with such awesome goodies!

Since N doesn't have a key to the house and lost her toy keys, I totally rock this on my house key. So cute! Who says I'm too old!! hahaha

I love the keychain and button. Her book bag ripped about 3 weeks ago, so I purchased another one at Walmart. I worried that her bookbag would look similar to other kids in school. I placed a key chain lipgloss to the zipper, but a few days later it broke. I decided to place the Sweet Honey Child keychain and button, on her bookbag. One of her classmates noticed and said she wants one! So I had N send one of the Sweet Honey Child card to school to give it to her. I need to make N a little saleswoman at school! hahaha

The barrettes are so cute its made out of metal so it's not easy to break. I placed them on her hair so you can see the size of the barrettes. It came in a cute individually wrapped baggie and you can tell they package their products with love.

Thank you Sweet Honey Child for allowing us to review your products, please stop by their site and support this wonderful company. 

Blended Beauty Guest Post: III

Our latest guest post is up on Blended Beauty! "Textured Curly Hair Tips" 
Feel free to read & comment.

Hair Carnival: Bowdabra Designer Bowmaker

Hair Carnival

We are participating in the Hair Carnival for March! The topic of the hair carnival is showing off your crafting skills, and any homemade craft. Well I'm not too crafty, but I am sort of proud of our hairbows that I made lol from the Bowdabra. 
Remember our review of the Bowdabra Designer Bowmaker, click here to read it. Well our Friends from Bowdabra have invited us to participate in their National Craft Month! National Craft Month celebrates creativity through art. Creating bows, ribbon sculptures, and ribbon crafts. 

Visit the Bowdabra Blog each day in March, for new ways to enter in their month long giveaway.

In celebration of the many uses of ribbon, Bowdabra is giving away three prizes.

-First Prize $150 of assorted Morex Ribbon (Includes the gorgeous European Art Fleur Ribbon)

-Second Prize the Bowdabra, the Mini Bowdabra, and the Hair Bow Tool & Ruler

-Third Prize the Mini Bowdabra and the Hair Bow Tool & Ruler

Click here to learn how you can enter (DAILY) to win these great prizes!

Bowdabra’s Friends and Featured Bloggers will be sharing a ribbon or bow-making tutorial on their blog in the month of March. The tutorial will be a Bowdabra sponsored tutorial. By leaving comments on that tutorial you will automatically be entered into Bowdabra’s Giveaway.

How do you know which blogs are Bowdabra’s Friends and Featured Bloggers? Look for badges like this one!

Check out the list of scheduled Bowdabra’s Friends & Featured Bloggers.

Visit the Bowdabra Blog every day in March to enter their grand giveaway. And, of course, check all the Bowabra’s Friends & Hair Carnival Bloggers to enter to win some crafty goodies!

Natural Hair Terms And Acronyms: Part 1


If you have searched different hair forums and sites, you may come across many different natural hair acronyms. Here is a break down of some of the frequent acronyms used to describe natural hair. 

No Poo: Sulfate Free Shampoo.

Co-Wash: Conditioner Only Washing.

DC: Deep Condition. 

Pre-Poo: Pre-conditiong the hair with oils or conditioner prior to washing it.

No Cones: Using products that do not contain Silicones (an ingredient commonly found in popular hair care products.)

SLIP: Refers to the slipperiness of hair, prior to detangling. 

BC: Big Chop (When women cut off chemically or heat damaged hair, so that they are fully all natural. 

GHE: Green House Effect: (method of using a plastic cap to stimulate the sebum in our scalps to moisturize the hair.)

CGM: Curly Girl Method (Co-Washing and using No Cones to cleanse and style the hair.)
PJ: Product Junkie

ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse, commonly used to clarify hair.

CWR: Cold Water Rinse.

TWA: Teeny Weeny Afro.

WO: Water Only.

-These are some of the basic terms, there are a ton more. I will cover some more next time, so check in for Part 2. 

-What are some of the terms you frequently use? 

SpotLight: S'Miah

S'Miah age 3
My name is Maurisa and I'm a mommy of 1 Beautiful Princess, who means the world to me.

Isn't she just lovely! Child model in the house!!! lol You do a wonderful job on her hair! Keep up the good work Maurisa. 
-If you would like to see your child on KandyLandKurls please click on our tab "Participate" above, for more details. 

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