Protective Style Challenge Sponsors

The Ladies in the Protective Style Challenge are doing a fantastic job, we only have 2 weeks left until the challenge is over. We have some amazing sponsors and gifts, for those who win the challenge. I wanted to save the announcement until later. So I can see who REALLY wanted to be in this challenge. This challenge purpose is to make our children's hair healthier. But of course the prizes are the perks lol. There will be 12, Yes you read that right, 12 Winners! Below are the sponsors/prizes!

First Sponsor: Pretty Puff Dolls  
(1) Winner will receive a Pretty Puff Doll

2nd Sponsor: Beija Flor Naturals

(1) Winner will receive: Beija Flor Naturals-Creme Brulee For Kinks Curls & Coils 8 oz 

3rd Sponsor: Pretty Brown Girl

Pretty Brown Girl
Girls T-Shirts
(1) Winner will receive a Pretty Brown Girl T-Shirt.
Pretty Brown Girl Book
(1) Winner will receive a Pretty Brown Girl Book.

(1) Winner will receive a Pretty Brown Girl Umbrella.
Pretty Brown Girl Poster
(1) Winner will receive The Pretty Brown Girl Pledge.


4th Sponsor: Denman
D3 Kiss - 7 row brush
(1) Winner will receive Denman Pink "Kiss Me Quick" Brush

5th Sponsor: Curls Of The World

(3) Winners will receive (1) One Curls Of The World product of their choice. 


6th Sponsor: Eli's Body Shop

(1) Winner will receive Eli's Body Shop Shea Butter.

(1) Winner will receive Eli's Body Shop Hair & Scalp Conditioner.


7th Sponsor: Sweet Honey Child

(1) Winner will receive Sweet Honey Child Socks, and Pin.

WOW! There will be 12 very happy ladies!

We have to give a HUGE Thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors!

Please check them out, and tell them KandyLandKurls sent you.  


La Shauna | Sunday, March 04, 2012

These are all great prizes. Can't believe it's almost over :(

Kandy | Sunday, March 04, 2012

Thanks, and im shocked too...I dont want it to end :( but I will try to have another one soon

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