Blended Beauty Herbal Reconditioner: Product Review

Blended Beauty Herbal Reconditioner

This deep treatment cream contains a blend of herbs which soak the hair with actives that bring life back to your curls. Marshmallow root, aloe vera, seaweed and horsetail provide detangling, hydrating, lustre and nutrients that beautiful curls thrive on. You may think you texturized!

Consistency: Creamy off-white color

Smell: Yummy (N says syrup) but its not, just nice aroma and not too strong.

IngredientsChamomile Water, Rice Bran Oil, Natural Conditioner, Natural Preservative Optiphin, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Marshmallow Root, Aloe Leaf , Seaweed, Shave grass (Horse Tail), Corn Protein, Wheat Protein, Soy Protein, Silk Powder.

WOW WOW WOW!! Okay ya! Where do I begin...I received this product from our friend at Blended Beauty and I have been using it non-stop since trying it. The Herbal Reconditioner is a deep conditioning treatment, and is the perfect detangler. I followed the instructions on the jar, I washed her hair. Then I applied this in sections all over her hair. Next, I put on a shower cap and let it sit for 20 minutes. Once the time was up, I started finger detangling and then combed using my wide tooth. Her tangles literally separated from one another, like magic...seriously...I think they put some special magical potion in their products haha. At first, I thought maybe this week she didn't have alot of tangles, so that's why it worked so well. But nope, that's not it! I used this for 4 weeks straight, and it never failed to amaze me. I'm finally starting to find the perfect products for N's hair, and Blended Beauty's Herbal Reconditioner is on the top of our growing list. I plan on ordering their complete line, and if you want to save -10% Off- your purchase use the code "curly" at checkout, I know I will! Thanks Blended Beauty!

Winner Of The Denman Ladies Prize Package

Thanks everyone who entered this contest! Also Big thanks to our friends over at Denman for the awesome prize package! Now here comes the moment everyone is waiting for...The Winner will receive the following:
 1 Denman Mini Key Ring, Denman Grooming Brush with mirror, "Own Your Style" booklet, and a Denman Lip Balm (not sold in stores/no pic avail.)


-not pictured booklet &lip balm-

Click here to see who won! (look on the form)


Please respond to my email by Dec 1st.

TRIPLE GRO Satin with Built-In Growth Treatment Extra Large Bonnet: Product Review

I was browsing the hair section at my local Walmart. I lost my sleeping cap, and was taking a look at there selection. The TRIPLE GRO Satin with Built-In Growth Treatment Extra Large Bonnet <--say that 5 times fast! This particular sleeping cap caught my attention. It costs a little more than the other caps, but I wanted to put it's claim to the test.

Our luxurious satin fabric is impregnated with an anti-breakage growth treatment using a special pressure and vapor process. The result is dry and non greasy. Special active ingredients are released by natural body heat and gentle action of your hair against the smooth satin material. This revolutionary new product will actually condition and moisturize your hair with a built in anti-breakage growth treatment while you sleep.

Review: I have been using this cap for about 4 months. Now, you know I'm honest in my reviews. I didn't notice a change in my hair whatsoever. This cap was like a regular cap. -Sigh- Well, it was worth the try. 

Barbie With Attachable Weave

This is the latest doll out. 

Your thoughts?

Curlformers Black Friday Sale!

Curlformers is having a Black Friday Sale! 
You can save 15% off retail prices.
If you haven't tried them yet, you are definitely missing out. 
But this Friday is your chance to get on board the Curlformers bandwagon.
Click here to see our review on Curlformers.
-Happy Shopping!-

Braidout & Cornrows

Since school began, we still haven't quite got into the swing of things. We are always rushing out the door. One of the problems is hair time. I decided to style her hair on Sundays, and leave it in for the week, and then wash on Saturdays. Since we started doing this, we saved a good amount of time in the mornings. Here is our style for the week.

1.) I parted her hair ear to ear.

2.) Starting in the back of her hair, I wet it with our spray bottle and make 4 large braids. 

3.) In the front of her hair, I made a swirl part. I started the swirl from the front of her hair, going towards the center.

4.) I made a cornbraid around the swirl.

5.) I repeated step # 3 on the other side of her hair.

6.) Inside of the (2) swirls, I created 5 small cornbraids (starting from the left) going towards the center of her hair.

7.) I made 5 more cornbraids (starting from the right) going towards the center of her hair. -FYI: I did the opposite of step #6.-

8.) I gathered her hair from center of the swirl (total of 10 braids.) I combined them into one large braid.

9.) On the sides of her hair, I made two cornbraids going down towards her ear.

10.) I added some beads and combined the two braids.

11.) I did the same on each side of her hair.

12.) In the morning, I unraveled the 4 braids in the back and made a ponytail.

Approx Time: 1 hour

FYI: This style lasted 6 days.

Products Used:
Spray Bottle
Shea Moisture- Curl Style Milk
Darcy Botanical Coconut & Hibiscus Oil Spray (for shine.) 

Denman Toddler Brush Giveaway!

We are giving away this Denman Brush pictured above. But it's only available on our Facebook Page. If you would like to enter and win it, click this link to enter http://www.facebook.com/kandy.l.kurls


I can't believe my baby girl is now 7, makes me feel old
She is not a little baby, and she is constantly reminding me of that. But no matter if she is 7 or 70 she will ALWAYS be my baby!

Happy 7th Birthday!! 

In honor of her birthday today, we are going to give 1 lucky winner a chance to win some Denman stuff.

This package is for the Ladies. 

Which includes 1 Denman Mini Key Ring, Denman Grooming Brush  with mirror, own your style booklet, and a Denman Lip Balm (not sold in stores/no pic avail.)


-not pictured booklet &lip balm-

Contest ends Nov.24th

Click "Read More" below for the contest entry form.

Sale: Blended Beauty Black Friday Sale!

Don't miss Blended Beauty BLACK FRIDAY SALE and Giveaway! Use coupon code "curlydouble" for 20% off of 2 or more items from Friday, Nov 25th - Monday, Nov 28th. Any order that comes through with that special code is entered into a draw to win DOUBLE their order!

Also the coupon code "curly" at checkout to receive 10% off of your purchase, now through January!

Winners Of The Denman Tangled Tamer Brush Giveaway!

Thanks everyone who entered the giveaway, and for sharing your photos! I swear announcement time is a bittersweet time. I wish everyone could have a brush. But of course, I don't have enough -sigh-.

 Our friends from Denman has graciously hosted this giveaway, and is providing brushes for 2 lucky winners! ....and the winners are.....
Click Here to see, look on the form for their names.


Please respond to my email by 11/21

-We are still giving away Denman Brushes for the entire month, please stop by tomorrow to enter the next giveaway! Woo-Hoo!!

25 Mins Or Less Style: Braids & Beads

We are back! and with a quick easy school style, for all of those busy Moms out there!
We were rushed for time between her extracurricular activities. I decided to do this quick style and add beads for flair. 

Just two ponytails, braids and beads.

She loves the sound of beads clicking lol. 

Send me a email if you would like to have the step-by-step instructions on how to do this style.

-Edited: I did this style on Monday, and took it out Saturday morning, before I washed it. I maintained it by applying moisturizer (shea moisture) and smoothing it on. Also every other day, I rubbed my homemade shea butter mix on her hair, to seal in the moisturizer. Then I used eco styler gel, to smooth her hair down around her edges and into the ponytail. At night I removed the white hairbows and put on her sleeping cap. On Thursday her hair was a little dry, so I sprayed on the braids Darcy Botanicals Coconut&Hibiscus Oil Spray for shine. 

Homemade Headband Holder

I stole borrowed this idea from our friend BeadsBraidsBeyond lol. I was sick and tired of N's headbands taking up so much space in her hair bow organizer. 

It was very easy to make.
You will need:
 -A large container (oatmeal/peanut)
- Crayons (for decorating)
-2 sheets of paper
-Tape or glue

N helped me make it, this was our little weekend project. I had her color on the two sheets of paper. When she was finished, I used some tape, to tape the paper on the container. Then, she went and put all of her headbands on it...the end...
Very simple! 
There was still some that wouldn't fit, so we put them inside of the container. Mine didn't come out as nice as Beadsbraidsbeyond, Im crafty-challenged :/ but it was fun spending time with N, and that's what counts.

How do you store your headbands?

Denman Tangle Tamer Brush Giveaway!

As promised, we are giving away Denman Brushes All Month Long! We started with a awesome giveaway for the little babies, now it's time for the big girls! Thanks to our friends at Denman we are giving away two (2) Denman Tangle Tamer Brushes! 

Click here to read our review of the Tangle Tamer Hair Brush.

Want a chance to win it? Just fill out the entry form below. 

Contest ends November 16th.

-note: please wait a moment for the form to load, or click "read more."

Winner Of The Denman Baby Brush Giveaway!

It's that time...Time to announce a winner of the Denman Baby Brush! We have to start by thanking our friend over at Denman! And of course, I want to thank those that entered the contest. 
One (1) lucky winner is about to receive a Denman Baby Brush, click here to see who won! 


Please reply to my email by November13th.

For those that didn't win, make sure to come back here at midnight. We will announce the next giveaway!

Virtual PlayDate: Part 2

We had a fun and successful Virtual Playdate with the Children behind the blogs. We got to know a little bit more about them, it was a blast and..Now it's back, Part Two baby! This time we are going to do it a little differently. I would like to have everyone answer the same questions below and make sure to invite 6 other bloggers to the virtual playdate.. Here we go!

1.) Favorite toy?
-Buzz and woody from Toy Story

2.) Favorite animal?

3.) Favorite game to play?

4.) Favorite snack?

5.) What makes you happy?
-When I play with my Brother

6.) Favorite TV Show/ Movie?
-Phineas and ferb/ Shrek

7.) If you could choose a new name for yourself what would it be?

8.) Favorite Book?
-My Lucky Day

9.) Favorite hairstyle?
-Cornbraids on top, and braids in the back.

10.) Favorite thing to do?
-Play with my friends at school

Now here are the 6 bloggers I would like to invite to the playdate.
(random order)

Diary Of A Hair Princess
Charlotte's Avenue
Tweeny hair
Girly and Curly

Make sure to thank the person who invited you, and make sure to choose 6 more friends.

Denman Brush Review

I was given the opportunity to review Denman Brushes. Thanks to our friends at Denman! When I first started our hair journey, I heard a few women on Youtube mention the brush. My first purchase was a Denman brush on Amazon. The one I ordered was rather small, and back then I didn't know how to properly detangle. So just imagine, a woman combing her child's DRY hair, with no conditioner, no moisturizer, and just some grease, with a small comb and alot of hair. Well, if you did imagine it, that was shamefully me! I put the brush away, and went back to a wide tooth comb, out of frustration. 

Here is a video of a woman who had a similar experience her first time using the Denman Brush.

 (I'm the type to make make expressions, you can look at my face to see my thoughts lol, just like her.)

Fast forward a year later, I decided to give it another try. Denman sent me a few brushes to try. I tested the lemon scented brush through N's hair. Her hair was wet, with plenty of conditioner, I fingered detangled first, and Ta-Da!!! -light bulb went off- The brush just glided through her hair! Like a dummy, it wasn't the brush, it was me! Once I learned how to properly comb her hair, detangling became smooth sailing. My advice: for any product or tool, wait a few months, and revisit the product. Sometimes things are better the second time around.

N, loves the Lemon Scented Brush, and the Tangled Tamer! We did not modified it, no need to, her hair did fine with the way it is. So now Mr.Wide Tooth Comb, has been shelved (poor wide tooth.) But Denman is our new favorite tool! After using it for over a month, the lemon scent is still there! I love to just sniff her brush! Okay, I sound weird....

-For the entire month of November we are giving away a Denman Brush! We are starting off with a gift for the little babies, so if you have, or know someone, who has a infant daughter, come enter (click here) it will make the perfect Christmas gift, or stocking stuffer.

Shea Moisture BOGO Sale

Shea Moisture BOGO SALE! Buy one, Get one 50% off at Walgreens Nationwide!

Buy One Get One 50% Off Sale on SheaMoisture Hair and Baby products at all Walgreens stores nationwide! Today through Sat., November 5.
Did you hear that Product Junkie's? LOL If you never tried Shea Moisture products here is your chance. 

N's Birthday Bash/Denman Baby Brush Giveaway!

Well October is over, and so is our Blogging Anniversary -sad face- But cheer up, the party has just begun! November is N's Birthday month! My baby girl will be turning 7! Wow time is flying by! Seems like yesterday she was 1.

Before I start posting a million baby pictures, and crying as I reminisce.
I will go ahead and announce the Giveaway! 
We will announce a new giveaway each week for the month of November. Make sure you keep checking in to enter each contest!

N would love to share her birthday with all of you! Our wonderful friends over at Denman, has generously offered a series of giveaways for Mom's, Toddlers, Baby, and Child! Isn't that great! We are going to kick off the giveaway with a chance to win a nice prize for the little baby girls.

-Another view below-
-age recommendation infant-2yrs-

One (1) Winner will win a baby Denman Baby Brush!

Contest ends November 8th.

Click on the entry form below to enter, 
please click "read more" to view the form.

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