Denman Brush Review

I was given the opportunity to review Denman Brushes. Thanks to our friends at Denman! When I first started our hair journey, I heard a few women on Youtube mention the brush. My first purchase was a Denman brush on Amazon. The one I ordered was rather small, and back then I didn't know how to properly detangle. So just imagine, a woman combing her child's DRY hair, with no conditioner, no moisturizer, and just some grease, with a small comb and alot of hair. Well, if you did imagine it, that was shamefully me! I put the brush away, and went back to a wide tooth comb, out of frustration. 

Here is a video of a woman who had a similar experience her first time using the Denman Brush.

 (I'm the type to make make expressions, you can look at my face to see my thoughts lol, just like her.)

Fast forward a year later, I decided to give it another try. Denman sent me a few brushes to try. I tested the lemon scented brush through N's hair. Her hair was wet, with plenty of conditioner, I fingered detangled first, and Ta-Da!!! -light bulb went off- The brush just glided through her hair! Like a dummy, it wasn't the brush, it was me! Once I learned how to properly comb her hair, detangling became smooth sailing. My advice: for any product or tool, wait a few months, and revisit the product. Sometimes things are better the second time around.

N, loves the Lemon Scented Brush, and the Tangled Tamer! We did not modified it, no need to, her hair did fine with the way it is. So now Mr.Wide Tooth Comb, has been shelved (poor wide tooth.) But Denman is our new favorite tool! After using it for over a month, the lemon scent is still there! I love to just sniff her brush! Okay, I sound weird....

-For the entire month of November we are giving away a Denman Brush! We are starting off with a gift for the little babies, so if you have, or know someone, who has a infant daughter, come enter (click here) it will make the perfect Christmas gift, or stocking stuffer.

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CurlyGirly B's Mommy | Saturday, November 05, 2011

I LOVE our Denman!! I started out using it for curl definition. But now I rarely leave B's hair out so I use it for detangling after finger detangling. Our Denman is probably our one favorite hair item of ALL the things we have! :-)

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