Natural Hair Wear GIVEAWAY!!!!

Natural Hair Wear is a wonderful company that embraces and promotes wearing natural hair, and what better way to say it loud and proud than through everyday dress!

They have many different styles, colors and sizes to choose from ranging from ladies, unisex and youth sizes

 Thank you Natural Hair Wear for allowing me to review your product! These shirts are simply adorable! I showed N and she loved all the shirts! Especially the shirt I posted above, there are so many great options that it was hard for her to pick one! So I will be back to order more, and here is your chance to win a shirt for yourself or for your little one!
My friend from Natural Hair Wear has generously offered to giveaway, a T-Shirt to one lucky follower!

The giveaway will end on Tuesday, March 1st, so you have to hurry to enter the contest!
The giveaway is only available to those in the U.S and Canada.

Here's how to enter:

-Follow KandyLandKurls (if you are already a follower, leave a comment under this post saying that you are.)

-Go to http://www.naturalhairwear.com/index.html and come back to tell me which shirt & color you would like to have.

-Go to Natural Hair Wear Facebook page and become a fan.

That's It! It's pretty simple to enter!

*Here is a bonus way to increase your chances at winning.*

-Join KandyLandKurls Forum, and leave a post or comment (you can do this as many times as you want there is no limit) but remember to come back here and leave a link or comment telling me what you did.

I will choose a winner by using Random.Org on March 1st !!

-Disclosure: The product was sent to me free of charge from the company for the purpose of the review, the opinion of the product is my own.

Braids N Beads

I was on our Facebook page and stumbled upon a WONDERFUL Organization! That is using their talent to help serve others. They are called Braids N Beads and I had to spread the word! I have never heard of a non profit organization that is helping children, with their self confidence through braiding. I know for my daughter, whenever she gets her hair braided or styled it brings up her self esteem, and makes her feel good about herself. So I can imagine all of the very happy girls who now can feel better about themselves! All thanks to Braids N Beads by helping to show that you are beautiful from the inside and out!

Mission: Our mission is to provide young girls and preteens in low income areas a positive self image and an increase in self esteem, through the art of braiding. The kids will receive braids and beads free of charge, while we reinforce the importance of inner beauty to coincide with the outer being.

Vision: To instill self worth and boost self confidence of young girls one by one, while being a positive example of what it means to love oneself and others, demonstrating a display of beauty inside and out.

About the Founder: Kreshon Smith is a 27 year old native of Houston, TX. After graduating from high school in 2001, she received a Bachelors degree in Biology from Texas Southern University. Currently, she is a full time student pursuing a Doctorate in Chiropractic. Smith's career interest took an unexpected turn while in the summer of 2009.

As a child Smith "acquired" the ability to braid hair at the tender age of 6 years old. While in middle school and high school, she further developed her braiding skills and even earned a few dollars doing so. As time went by, the excitement with braiding subsided as other priorities and responsibilities figured more prominently in her life. However, one faithful July night in 2009, the passion for braiding resurfaced, but this time as a means not to an income or to pass the time but as an opportunity to help others, and that was the genesis of "BrAiDs N BeAdS", Smith's Non Profit Organization.

To date, Kreshon has organized several braiding missions, traveling to low income housing complexes looking for opportunities to improve the appearance and the self esteem of young girls and pre-teens in these neighborhoods. Most recently missions have been held in cities such as Harlem, NY, Chicago, IL, New Orleans, LA and Port Arthur, TX.

When the girls and their mothers ask what Smith's motivation is, she is happy to share with them the idea of a Love Revolution; performing random acts of kindness, without the expectation of anything in return.

Smith's immediate goal is to create awareness for the opportunity to serve our neighbors in these communities and to eventually expand the service mission across the world.

Our goal is to impact as many lives as possible with our braiding missions. Unfortunately, resources limit us to do so. Any of the following supplies will be appreciated. Braids N Beads is a non profit organization and can always use volunteers and donations. If you are interested in donating to Braids N Beads please contact
Kreshon Smith


They have T-Shirts for sale
Or If you are interested in donating here are a list of supplies they could use:
100% Kanekalon Braiding hair ( colors: 1,1B, 2, 4 and 6)
Black Rubber Bands
Small/ Medium sized Beads
Hand Sanitizer
Combs of all shapes/sizes
Moisturizing Hair lotion
Please visit their website http://www.braidsnbeads.com/index.php and support this great organization!

Kandy's (?) Time

Let's play pretend.....
Image you are stranded on a island, you could only take 1 hair care product or tool with you, what would it be?

*SpotLight* Diva R

This Diva R, she is almost 4 years old and her blog is loveyourgirlsbiracialcurls. I am her mommy Kim, and the creator of loveyourgirlsbiracialcurls It's a blog that caters to children natural curlee Q haircare. Which also showcases the many beautiful easily achievable styles, that Diva R wears on a day to day basis. I have been doing her hair for a solid two years now, so we began Diva R journey when she was 3 and are continuously adding to it with much joy. Diva R is very much a princess by nature and DIVA by choice & we area firm believer of natural hair and we cherish her natural curls through trials, tribulations and celebrations.

Diva R's Natural Curls

Freestyle Cornrows with Yo Gabba Gabba Inspired Beads

Triangle Parted Pony Tails with Cornrows, 2 Strand Twists and Beads

Slanted Cornrows with Beads

Triangle Parted Single Braids with beads

Sectioned Ponytails with 2 Strand Twists and Clips

* Kim I cannot tell that you have been doing hair for such a short time, you are truly rocking the styles like a pro! Her hair looks very strong and healthy, I cant wait to see more of your styles! To see more of Kim's creativity and cute little Diva R click here to visit their blog. They are currently having a GIVEAWAY sponsored by our friend The Curly Princess Hair Boutique the winner gets to choose 5 hair accessories of their choice, and they may have a runner-up spot! Go check it out, and make sure to become a follower!

The Winner of the Book Review Wild, Wild, Hair

Thank you ladies for participating, joining our forum, and entering the giveaway! I really appreciate you taking the time to enter our contests! The winner will receive one copy of the book Wild, Wild Hair !!!
I chose a winner through Random.Org and the winner of the book Wild, Wild Hair is.....
# 9: loveyourgirlsbiracialcurls
I joined your awesome forum :)


We will giveaway another copy of Wild, Wild Hair to our second contestant DsMommy!!

Congratulations Ladies!!

Please send your full name and address to my email address kandylandkurls@yahoo.com

Edit: When I count the comments, I start from the last comment on the post, as number 1. And the older comments as 2,3,4 and so on. After some thought I realized that this is a little backwards, and the first comment posted should be number 1. Which I think makes more sense, so from now on I will count the first comment ever posted as number 1, when calculating the results from Random.Org. So, I will give away another copy of the book to DsMommy, and from here on out I will count the results in the other order. Sorry for the confusion, this is my 2nd time using random, so I apologize.

Hair Grease

I don't know if you have ever been recommended to use grease on your kids hair. I have been raised to always grease my scalp to prevent my hair from being dry. After doing research for a few months, I have found that hair grease is not good for thick curly hair. Most hair grease contains petroleum and mineral oil that coats the hair, which blocks your pores. The moisture already in your hair will stay awhile, but when you apply other moisturizers it cant get in. So we have ditched our hair grease, and started using Natural Oils like Olive and Coconut Oil. Honestly, after using natural oils I don't miss it the classic hair grease. I like being able to run my fingers through hair, without tons of icky sticky grease all on my hands. It feels so much better especially since I know it's much healthier. If you are unsure if your hair grease is unhealthy or not, check the first few ingredients the one's listed first contains the higher amount of that ingredient. If it says PETROLEUM or MINERAL OIL stay clear from it.

Sock Bun

This is one of my favorite hairstyles, I think it looks so elegant and the funny thing is, you need a sock to get this style.


1.) Start with moisturized, detangled hair.

2.) Lightly brush all of the hair into a simple ponytail, and use a hair tie to hold the ponytail.

3.) Buy a sock that is similar to your hair color, so we used a dark brown sock.

4.) Cut a hole at the sole of the sock.
5.) Roll the sock up nice and neatly, it should resemble a donut or bagel.

6.) Put the sock through the hair, that is in the ponytail.

7.) Now, smooth the hair evenly around the sock so that the sock is no longer visible.

8.) Use hair colored hair ties to wrap around the sock to form a bun.

9.) Repeat step # 8 as many times as it takes to secure the bun.

10.) The hair that is out of the bun you could either tuck it in, or twist it around the bun, and secure it with either a hair tie or bobby pin. We chose to twist the hair and secure with another hair tie.

11.) Add a cute flower or accessorize.

Time: Approx 10-15 minutes

Products Used:
-Bee Loved Hair & Scalp Moisturizer
-Bee Mine Curly Butter
- Wide Tooth Comb

Happy Valentines Day!

N had a Valentines Dance at school, so I did a Braided Ponytail with some cute pink and white accessories and pink beads from the Curly Princess Hair Boutique.

Start with moisturized hair.

1.) I started braiding in the the back of her hair, by making a part and braid going up, towards the center of her hair.
2.)  I continued braiding going all around her hair.
3.) I secure all of the braids into a ponytail holder.
4.) I added Tri-colored pink beads to the ends of her hair.

*If you dont know how to braid I would recommend this site http://learncornrows.com/step1.html

Products used:
Wide tooth comb
Bee Mine Hair and Scalp Moisturizer (review coming soon..)
*Reminder: The Contest for the book Wild, Wild Hair is still going on click here to enter.

Braid Out With No Products

I have decided to do a braid out without using products.
I think it came out pretty nice, just a little poofy. 

The night before, I had put 4 braids in her hair, two on top and two on the bottom.

In the morning, I unraveled the braid and placed the top half of the hair into a pony tail, and I left the bottom out.


We are having a special giveaway in honor of our new KandyLandKurls Forum! We have recently added a forum to our blog, this is a place where all of us can come together to talk. We can talk about anything from, what's new with our kids, or asking questions about hair . This giveaway is exclusively for those who join our forum. The winner will receive one (1) copy of the book Wild, Wild Hair !! Contest ends February 25th!
Wild, Wild Hair

By Nikki Grimes
Illustrated by George Ford

Here' s how to enter:

1.) Join KandyLandKurls Forum (click on the tab under our home tab) and Register to become a member.

Thats all, if you would like more entries to increase the chances of winning, you can do the following

2.) Start a topic

3.) Comment on a topic

You can do steps 2-3 daily as many times as you want.

But don't forget to comment under this post to let me know what steps you have done.

example: I joined KandyLandKurls Forum, I created a topic or commented about ______. (This is considered your daily post, again, there is no limit as to how many times you do this.)

I will choose a winner by using Random.org,
(example: If Random.Org chooses comment number 78, and your post is number 78, then you would be the winner.)
-If the winner doesnt respond by March 2nd, then I will choose another winner.

*Good Luck To All Who Enter!

Book Review: Wild, Wild Hair

Wild, Wild Hair

By Nikki Grimes
Illustrated by George Ford

This book has brought back my childhood memories of getting my hair done, and watching my sisters scream and cry when it was time to detangle their hair. This book is based on an African American girl named Tisa and her trial and tribulations of having tightly coiled, long natural hair. She avoids getting her hair done on Monday mornings, but in the end she will learn it is worth it. This book is very postitive in helping to boost little girls self esteem. It is an enjoyable easy to read book with rhyming words.

Cool Hair Facts :-)

The Lifespan of hair is 2 to 7 years.

I thought due to shedding, it would be shorter?? Go figure..

School Styles 25 Minutes Or Less

This is a very simple twist and braids hairstyle,

1.) Always start with well moisturized and detangled hair.
2.) I started off by making a two slanted parts, near the crown of her hair, that formed the letter "V".
3.) Next, where the two parts meet, I began making a straight part going all the way down her hair.
4.) I added hair ties, to section off the top section, and the two bottom sections of hair. 
5.) On the top section I did (2) two-strand twists and added hair bows.
6.) Then, I began doing single braids at the bottom sections, and added a hair bow at the end of the braid.

Products Used: -Bee Mine Hair and Scalp Moisturizer
-Wide Tooth Comb

The Winner of The Mixed Chicks Giveaway!

Before I announce the winners I want to thank MIXED CHICKS for allowing me to review your products and for the awesome Giveaway! Next, I want to thank all of the ladies who have taken the time to enter this contest, I have chosen a winner by using Random.Org since there were so many entries.

And the First Place Winner is...

#54: Taylor H

And in second place is...
#8 Kiana

Kiana said... re-tweeted the giveaway http://twitter.com/#!/PoeticDeLite

Congratulations Ladies!!

*Please send your full name and address to kandylandkurls@yahoo.com

Willow Smith Shows Off Her Natural Hair In Teen Vogue

I LOVE IT!!! Sometimes our kids can get so used to seeing other girls with relaxers, flat ironed, even weave. There are not many images of girls and women embracing their Beautiful Natural Hair! I'm happy Willow is helping to open the eyes of others, and show them the variety in beauty. Rock on Willow!!!!

Black History Month

Hello Everyone! In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to dedicate this post to all of the millions who have died and fought for freedom. Without their courage my kids, and millions of other kids, would of lived in a horrible country, torn apart by the color of one's skin. Never Forget!!

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