White/Gray Hair

This is not about adults with white/gray hair. But it's about N.
N has always been embarrassed about it, and fusses when I try to take a picture of it. She didn't want me to make a post about this, because she doesn't want (in her words) "for people to think that she is an old lady." So after a year of having this article, I decided it's time to air it all out. In hopes of helping someone who is going through the same thing. I received some advice back in 2010 from the members of the forum, including our friend Nik from BBB, who recommended for us to go to the pediatrician (thanks bbb.) 

Here is a excerpt from my post:
Posted 05/06/2010
About 2 years ago ,my daughter was sitting on my mom's lap when she noticed, a long white hair growing from my daughter's hair. Well since then, she now has several white strands of hair in various spots in her hair. I was wondering is that typical for a 5 year old to be going gray? and will she have completely white hair by time she is 20, and If so should I dye it? I heard it could come from genetics (her dad had some grey strands, but now has cut all his hair off and is bald) and I have a few white strands (probably stress lol) also I heard it could come from, lack of vitamins ....IDK.... I just wonder if anyone was in the same boat?

-Please ignore the dye part lol, I did not create my blog then, nor did I know a thing about hair health lol- Oh but I wasn't going to dye her hair at the age 5, I meant when she is a older/teen.

Here are some pics of her gray strand, this by far is the hardest picture I had to take. This strand is almost clear! lol I took at least 9 pictures and its so hard to see. I placed the strand against my black mouse pad and still it's hard to see. Agghhh. I swear this strand was sitting back laughing at me while I'm trying to take a good clear picture.
-to enlarge the picture click on it-

After taking BBB's advice and talking to her doctor, she told me that this is normal in some kids due to genetics! -shocker- Then it all clicked, and I realized that my Mom went gray at 19. I noticed my first gray (hush I'm not old!) at 20, and my husband had his around 21. So then I asked my Grandma (before she passed) about it, and she mentioned that a few family members had that too as a child, and it's a symbol of wisdom lol. <--I believe that's one of her many old wives tales. Bless her soul, she had a ton of those! So instead of being embarrassed, I'm teaching N to not look at gray strands as an old lady, but to look at her gray strands, as wisdom! 

- Have you ever seen a child with gray/white strands? 


UntrainedHairMom | Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That is a great way to look at it :) and wonderful to teach N to look at it that way as well. I had my first grey hair in the 6th grade... I have been wise since a young age, too. :)

Kandy | Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That's awesome Brooke! I guess this is more common than we thought! LOL

Shautel Walker | Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One of my high school classmates had a patch in the back of her hair that you could only see when she put her hair in a ponytail. Personally, I thought it was cool..

RoyalBeauty | Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Shay | Wednesday, February 29, 2012

right, totally normal. i have a few grays that i've had for a while. A has 1 or 2 as well. My uncle was close friends with a man who way gray by the time he was like 17. tell her not to be ashamed or embarrassed because it's super cool.. after all, look at Storm from X-Men. one very bad white haired chick!

curlyhairisbeautiful.blogspot.com | Friday, March 02, 2012

Oh wow! My aunt had a full head of gray hair by the time she was 20- I've never seen it in anyone as young as N. Everyone thinks it's strange that C has blonde "highlights" in her hair, they think I dye it :/ My hair is just very blonde though so she took some of that. This is a good post!

Anonymous | Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I just saw this. When my eldest (now 12) got a few gray hairs at age 3, we were told it can be a copper deficiency. We added a supplement vitamin to her diet and she's been gray free since!

We were told that the copper deficiency often manifests this way, especially when the children were in a growth spurt and their bodies were using up nutrients fast.

I'm sure it isn't one-size-fits all advice, but it worked for our daughter and adding a bit more copper supplement (just in a regular multi vitamin) fixed it! I was glad her hair "told us" so that her body didn't suffer any other ill effects from deficiency.

Anonymous | Tuesday, March 06, 2012

When my eldest daughter (now 12) was 3 years old she had grey hairs that indicated a copper deficiency. When we supplemented for copper (with a regular children's multi-vitamin) the grey soon disappeared and was replaced with her regular rich brown.

I'm sure it's not always copper deficiency, but it seemed true in my daughter's case. We were told that sometimes when children are growing they deplete the mineral stores in their body and don't get enough in the food, and the hair is the first thing the body "cheats" so it serves as an early warning system for deficiency.

Just a thought from our experience.

carl can | Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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