Winning The Hair Battle!

After talking with many Mom's, especially the Mom's with small children. I often hear about the battle, you know, the HAIR BATTLE. Between your busy, impatient toddler and hair time. I honestly didn't have a struggle with N's hair when she was smaller. But I did battle with my son. I put together 7 tips to help you win!

1.) Start the daily hair care while they are young. This is very important! Just like brushing teeth, or getting dressed, hair maintenance should be just as important. This is mandatory, not optional. If you do this everyday, they will gradually get used to hair time and expect it. 

2.) Treats!! Now this doesn't mean "junk food" but give your child some type of treat during hair time. Whether it's fruit, popsicles, or cereal. Keeping their mouths full, will help stop them from yelling. (It's kind of hard to do both at the same time lol.) 

3.) Nap time! If your child sleeps hard like a rock, this is the perfect time to grab a comb and begin a style. But I must warn you, it takes a bit of skill to be able to part the hair, and have a good enough angle to see what you are doing.

4.) Tv time! In our house, tv time is a privilege. Homework & chores must be complete in order to watch tv. So when I pop in a movie, or turn to cartoons, this is a good time to grab a comb and start styling. They are so happy that the tv is on, they won't care that your styling their hair. If your child fusses, the tv comes off! This will help them to understand that, you can have what you want (tv) if I get what I want (hair time.) Also when I braid N's hair (which sometimes takes approx 1-2 hours) Tv makes the perfect distraction. The movie is over and so is Mommy.

5.) Watch other kids during hair time. Monkey see, monkey do. I'm not calling your kid a monkey lol. But sometimes, if kids see others being "brave" or a "big girl." It influences them to want to be good, like the other child. Search and find some Youtube videos of kids getting their hair done. Make sure to point out how still and well-behaved they are being, when they are getting their hair done. This may help your child learn how to copy and behave. 

6.) Giving them a job. Sometimes doing things as a team, motivates them to participate during hair time. Kids always want to feel apart of something. So if it's sorting the hair bows, or holding the brush or etc, this will show them that they are apart of the hair process. Makes them feel important, and they will like this feeling.

7.) Frequent breaks. Make sure to take plenty of breaks while styling their hair. Don't expect them to sit still for 30 minutes straight while you detangle. Work quickly, and take time to read or color, this will make them happy and give your fingers a break.

What other tips work for your kids? 


кcℓ (n_n) | Monday, February 06, 2012

Great post! I don't have problem with my oldest toddler during hair time. Sometimes she just wants her stuffed dog and pacifier other times she wants her legos. Also, she loves when I play in her hair, rub her scalp because she goes to sleep during that time lol.

La Shauna | Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My 2 y/o hates to sit for a long period of time and get her hair done.. So I make it quick as possible or comb it while she sleeps. My 5 y/o will sit for as long as she can play her leap pad/DS/laptop.

Alese | Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Having you child see/watch other kids getting their hair done really does help...The other day my daughter saw a friend getting her dair done and immediately came to me and said "mommy can you do my hair"...really great tip

Tav @ Goldilocks*n*Me | Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I am lol @ "will help them stop yelling!" But it's so true though :) I agree at starting from a young age, it helps so much

Katherine Phillips | Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I've done all this with both my kids. I still do it with my daughter sometimes and she is almost 12 she hates sitting still. Lol!! !

Melly & Yaya | Wednesday, February 08, 2012

These are some great tips! My daughter will be 11 next month and she hates sitting still to get her hair done. I normally let her watch tv, read a book or have compter time or a snack. These seem to help with her.

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