White/Gray Hair

This is not about adults with white/gray hair. But it's about N.
N has always been embarrassed about it, and fusses when I try to take a picture of it. She didn't want me to make a post about this, because she doesn't want (in her words) "for people to think that she is an old lady." So after a year of having this article, I decided it's time to air it all out. In hopes of helping someone who is going through the same thing. I received some advice back in 2010 from the members of the forum, including our friend Nik from BBB, who recommended for us to go to the pediatrician (thanks bbb.) 

Here is a excerpt from my post:
Posted 05/06/2010
About 2 years ago ,my daughter was sitting on my mom's lap when she noticed, a long white hair growing from my daughter's hair. Well since then, she now has several white strands of hair in various spots in her hair. I was wondering is that typical for a 5 year old to be going gray? and will she have completely white hair by time she is 20, and If so should I dye it? I heard it could come from genetics (her dad had some grey strands, but now has cut all his hair off and is bald) and I have a few white strands (probably stress lol) also I heard it could come from, lack of vitamins ....IDK.... I just wonder if anyone was in the same boat?

-Please ignore the dye part lol, I did not create my blog then, nor did I know a thing about hair health lol- Oh but I wasn't going to dye her hair at the age 5, I meant when she is a older/teen.

Here are some pics of her gray strand, this by far is the hardest picture I had to take. This strand is almost clear! lol I took at least 9 pictures and its so hard to see. I placed the strand against my black mouse pad and still it's hard to see. Agghhh. I swear this strand was sitting back laughing at me while I'm trying to take a good clear picture.
-to enlarge the picture click on it-

After taking BBB's advice and talking to her doctor, she told me that this is normal in some kids due to genetics! -shocker- Then it all clicked, and I realized that my Mom went gray at 19. I noticed my first gray (hush I'm not old!) at 20, and my husband had his around 21. So then I asked my Grandma (before she passed) about it, and she mentioned that a few family members had that too as a child, and it's a symbol of wisdom lol. <--I believe that's one of her many old wives tales. Bless her soul, she had a ton of those! So instead of being embarrassed, I'm teaching N to not look at gray strands as an old lady, but to look at her gray strands, as wisdom! 

- Have you ever seen a child with gray/white strands? 

Product Review: Eli's Body Shop

Thanks Eli for allowing us to review your products!

Eli's Body shop specializes in the packaging and distribution of Organic beauty and wellness products. Our Organic and Natural products originate from Tropical Africa. We at Eli’s Body Shop are committed to providing organic and natural products to our customers around the world. Give us the opportunity to provide you with our unique services and solutions.

Organic Black Soap Shampoo

Black Soap Shampoo 275ml

Ingredients: Aqua, plantain skin, cocoa pod, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter, vegetable glycerine, castor oil, and chamomile.

Review: I always heard about all of the wonderful benefits of Black Soap. So I was super excited to wash with this! It has a nice light scent, not over powering (can't put my finger on it lol.) I love how this contains glycerine, this will really come in handy during the warmer months. The Black soap shampoo left her hair feeling very soft.  I really like how it worked up a good lather. A good lather to me, equals clean. This is not true, but in my mind, if I don't have a lather, I keep applying the product until I do lol. Black soap is known to help with eczema. So Moms who have kids with it, you should truly try this. 

Organic Shea Oil
Shea Oil - Mango Papaya 150ml

Ingredients: Shea oil, coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and mango papaya oil. 

Review: I love love love oils!! and so does N's hair. It smells delicious, and fruity. I used a small amount on top of her moisturizer to seal it in. I recommend this for hair that likes thick oils, and for those who need to retain moisture. The shea oil adds a really nice shine to N's hair. I didn't add moisturizer the next day, her hair was still shiny. That's a A+ in my book. 

Organic Black Soap Facial Cleaner

Organic Black Soap Facial Cleanser 150ml

Ingredients: Cocoa pod, plantain skin, coconut oil, aqua, shea butter, virgin vegetable glycerine, aloe vera, cucumber, green tea, and lime.

Review: I used this product for 4 days straight, and my skin felt AMAZING! I had a few pimples which I tend to get during "that" time of the month. (sorry for the tmi) and this stuff made them vanish! I told my Mom (big mistake) and she totally stole my bottle. Sigh. So since she stole it, I made her help with this review. In her words "Ohh Kay (my nickname) I love this stuff, My face is clearing right up. I want you to order your sister's some."...Well folks, it looks like I have to purchase some more for myself, and my siblings. Bottom line, if my Momma says it's a good product, then there is nothing more to say. Mom's are always right!

fyi: Im hiding the next bottle!

Celebrity SpotLight: Tia and Tamara Mowry

If you are from my generation (hush I'm not old! lol) then you seen a episode of Sister Sister. Go home Roger!!! (sorry I had to do that.) Before they grew up and changed their hair, they were curly twins! and I loved it! 

I couldn't find a good picture of their curly hair without hats :( But you got the idea lol.

Protective Style Challenge: Update (Week 4-5)

We are half way done with the Protective Style Challenge!! Can you believe that? N had her hair in this style (click to see.) During the week we spiced up that same hairstyle, and added some flair. She rocked a twisted updo, and little buns, along with one long braid (which is not pictured.) 

-Ignore the frizzies-

The women in the challenge are doing such amazing styles! And are helping each other with tips, styles, and  much more. It feels like a mini facebook family lol.  
We also shared photos of our children's length check. I never measured N's hair before, so it was pretty cool to see how long it is. I plan on measuring again when the challenge is over, to see if we have any growth. 

-sorry it's blurry, but I copied the rulers number in white font.-

-It's pretty difficult to take a pic and hold the ruler & hair haha-

Shrinkage is CRAZY! I never would of thought that her hair was almost 19 inches when stretched.

Have you ever measured your child's hair? Where you shocked by the results? 

Twirlyz Discount

We recently shared our review of the Twirlyz brand hair accessories. We now have a discount code available to those who are interested. 

Code: Kandy 20%off (spend $20, get 20% off)

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Hated Her Curls

If you read my first Blended Beauty Guest Post, or if you are on NC you might have heard our story. Recently I shared this with our friends on Facebook. Well, its time to vent, and share the reason behind this blog.

When N just turned 5, she hated her hair and curls being free. She has once compared her hair to someone else, and mentioned she wants it to be like her friend in school. I never really pushed the "love your hair" thing on her, because I figured she was fine. But the reason why I even started my blog was when I found out that she wasn't fine. I would make her have a "no-tension" day aka "momma don't feel like doing it day lol," and I would leave her hair free. She would always complain and fuss for us (Mom+Dad) to put it in a bow, and I would ignore her request. Well this particular time, after complaining. She went to her room and was very quiet. So I went in there to check on her, and put away her clean clothes, and I saw 1 small (I guess around the size of a nickel ball) of hair on the floor. At first, I didn't think anything of it, I figured she missed her trash can after I detangled. Then a few steps away was another one, I was like wtheck! After I interrogated her, she busted out crying, and admitted that she snapped a few pieces of hair out.

After that I went to a forum and shared what happened, and followed the advice. I began researching and trying to learn about hair. I also thought it would be a good idea to take pics of styles and make a blog, so that she can see herself on the screen and I can read to her the readers reactions. Let me tell you it WORKED! She is much more happier with her hair, but she still prefers it up and styled. I made a blog post about this incident a year ago and never published it. She is embarrassed, and for a long time so was I, along with pissed off. I never thought MY CHILD would feel that way. I always told her that she is smart & beautiful, I guess it went through one ear and out the other. Earlier this month I shared this with Stacey from Blended Beauty. So after some encouragement from my facebook friends. I figured "it's time now" especially after I seen that N is not alone, and many folks went through something similar. So I'm finally publishing this post that has been sitting here in our edit section, next will be the post about N's white hair, which she is also embarrassed about. But hey I doubt she is alone on that too.

Does your child ever experience low self esteem or issues regarding their hair?

Blended Beauty Guest Post: II

We have another Guest Post on Blended Beauty, click here to read and leave a comment, we would love to hear your feedback. 

Product Review: Twirlyz

Recently we were given the opportunity to review Twirlyz Hair Accessories! 

Twirlyz are an amazing new hair accessory! Inspired by the hair stylings of the Caribbean Islands, they are great for showing school and team pride, or just for expressing your love for style! Easy to use, available in every color of the rainbow! With Twirlyz you can wrap your hair in seconds, no matter what your hair type!

Review: I LOVE IT!!! These hair accessories are adorable, and it was a BIG hit at N's school. As soon as she went in, her teacher, and her classmates, complimented her hair. They were amazed and wanted to know how do you get it in her hair lol.N is a pretty aggressive player in recess/gym so she said it later fell out, but she twisted back in her hair all by herself, it's very simple. To apply: Just simply (twirl) the hair around it, voila!

-Sorry for the blurry pic- 

It's pretty cool how you can change the little charms on the end of the twirlyz to personalize them.

She wore the rainbow long twirlyz in her hair all week, but on Friday I told her to give it a break. I didn't want her to be distracted in school by having to keep putting it in. This child threw a hissy fit! Tears and all, because she wanted to wear it. After talking with her once she was calm, I found out that she likes the attention it brings lol. I guess it makes her cool smh. She also wants more and in different colors, I believe Twirlyz created an monster lol aka big fan. So I promised her that if she gets honors again for this semester, I will buy her more twirlyz. There's nothing more I can say...it's a hit folks! 
When you place a order, be sure to mention that KandyLandKurls sent you. Click here to visit their site.

UPDATE: A reader noticed that I didn't show the complete hairstyle, I apologize for that. Here are the other pictures of this hairstyle.

For this top section, I did random braids. One row started from the left, and the other from the right, and I continued this pattern until I reached the center of her hair. The remaining hair I placed into a little bun.

 For the back of her hair I made cornbraids going straight down, then I used Curlformers to create the curls. I applied eco styler gel on top of the braids. Then I put in the curlformers, she slept with them and I removed the rollers in the morning for this curly effect.

On one side of her hair I created a small heart. Which I'm not that great at, but I did this style for valentines day, and wanted to try to make a heart.

I cornbraided the center straight down, and added cornbraids around the heart. Then I added curlformers and gel to make this section curly.
On the opposite side of her hair, I made just straight back cornbraids, no heart. (I forgot to take a pic of that side, sorry.) 

Cara B Naturally Winner

Well Ladies and Gents, the giveaway is over. We have to thank Cara B Naturally for hosting this giveaway! Please stop by your local Target and support them. Now it's time to announce the lucky winner who will receive a Cara B Naturally Gift pack which includes: 1 Shampoo, 1 Body Lotion, 1 Hair Spray, and 1 Daily Leave-in Conditioner.

And the Winner is...

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Thanks to all who enter and support me, we love ya! Keep your eyes out for more giveaways!

Protective Style Challenge: Mohawk

After being inspired by the 66 very TALENTED ladies in our protective style group. Yes, they all can hook up some hair lol. I just had to do the mohawk again! I really like how this came out.

The design was a freestyle. I guess a swirl/heart thing? Idk..lol

To recreate this style we pretty much did the same steps in this older post (click here for step by step instructions.)

Products Used: 
Eco Styler Gel 
Cara B Naturally Spray
 Total Time: 2 hours 20 mins

Protective Style Challenge: (week 3)

We took down N's first mini twists. I must admit I'm glad we tried that style. It lasted a lot longer than box  braids. It could of lasted longer, but the frizzies were driving me insane. I have to work on a better method to maintain them. For the take down process, I started in the middle of her hair, and un-twisted them. 

This is the perfect area to start taking down a style like this. If you need to go out, you can quickly cover the middle section with the hair from the front, sides, and back, and put it into a bun. 
As show below.

The take down wasn't bad, and she didn't have many knots, it was pretty easy to unravel the knots. I added a little oil to my fingers, to help glide my fingers down the twists. All together it took around a hour and a half to get all the twists down. Next we washed her hair, deep conditioned it, moisturized, and sealed. I left her hair in 6 braids overnight to air dry. The following afternoon I stretched her hair by banding it. (Which means sectioning the hair and adding hairbands down the entire section.)  This helped to make her hair semi-straight, for our next protective style.

Products Used:
Darcy Botanical Coconut &Hibiscus Oil (seal)
Blended Beauty Herbal Reconditioner (for D.C)
Suave Naturals Almond & Shea Butter (shampoo)
Cara B Naturally Leave In (for moisturizer)

Blended Beauty Guest Blogger

I love the subject title! We were given the wonderful opportunity to be a guest blogger on Blended Beauty! How exciting! We are going to create posts that cater to the kids. Blended Beauty is currently having a "Black History Month" contest/giveaway. The rules are simple, one way to enter is to read our guest post, and leave a comment (simple enough right?!) and you will be entered to win 2 FREE products of your choice. The contest ends Feb 13th. So come, show us some love, and click here to read and comment on our introduction article. 

Our Hair Style Collage

300 Blog Posts!! Can you believe that?!! I can't believe I created 300 topics about hair! Wow. Well 300 down and 1,000 more to go, we have some interesting posts in our archives, come scroll, read and leave your feedback. I love to hear from you. Don't forget to support us by following our site. Just click "follow me" on the right. This is our little collage, I put together of some of our favorite hairstyles, from 2010 until now, enjoy!

Winning The Hair Battle!

After talking with many Mom's, especially the Mom's with small children. I often hear about the battle, you know, the HAIR BATTLE. Between your busy, impatient toddler and hair time. I honestly didn't have a struggle with N's hair when she was smaller. But I did battle with my son. I put together 7 tips to help you win!

1.) Start the daily hair care while they are young. This is very important! Just like brushing teeth, or getting dressed, hair maintenance should be just as important. This is mandatory, not optional. If you do this everyday, they will gradually get used to hair time and expect it. 

2.) Treats!! Now this doesn't mean "junk food" but give your child some type of treat during hair time. Whether it's fruit, popsicles, or cereal. Keeping their mouths full, will help stop them from yelling. (It's kind of hard to do both at the same time lol.) 

3.) Nap time! If your child sleeps hard like a rock, this is the perfect time to grab a comb and begin a style. But I must warn you, it takes a bit of skill to be able to part the hair, and have a good enough angle to see what you are doing.

4.) Tv time! In our house, tv time is a privilege. Homework & chores must be complete in order to watch tv. So when I pop in a movie, or turn to cartoons, this is a good time to grab a comb and start styling. They are so happy that the tv is on, they won't care that your styling their hair. If your child fusses, the tv comes off! This will help them to understand that, you can have what you want (tv) if I get what I want (hair time.) Also when I braid N's hair (which sometimes takes approx 1-2 hours) Tv makes the perfect distraction. The movie is over and so is Mommy.

5.) Watch other kids during hair time. Monkey see, monkey do. I'm not calling your kid a monkey lol. But sometimes, if kids see others being "brave" or a "big girl." It influences them to want to be good, like the other child. Search and find some Youtube videos of kids getting their hair done. Make sure to point out how still and well-behaved they are being, when they are getting their hair done. This may help your child learn how to copy and behave. 

6.) Giving them a job. Sometimes doing things as a team, motivates them to participate during hair time. Kids always want to feel apart of something. So if it's sorting the hair bows, or holding the brush or etc, this will show them that they are apart of the hair process. Makes them feel important, and they will like this feeling.

7.) Frequent breaks. Make sure to take plenty of breaks while styling their hair. Don't expect them to sit still for 30 minutes straight while you detangle. Work quickly, and take time to read or color, this will make them happy and give your fingers a break.

What other tips work for your kids? 

SpotLight: Erica & Cynshei

Here are 7 pictures of my little sister Erica, age 5 when I did these styles. I just wanted to get my work out there for some feedback. My name is Cynshei (sin-shay) I'm currently 18 yrs old. I was 17 when these styles were done. I love to do hair. I do a lot of hair, teenagers, and adults, but I prefer to do children's hair. Doing hair is my hobby. I also do my own hair.

1.The first hairstyle with the multicolored barrettes is a double twist slanted Mohawk.

2.The second with the big knockers and barrettes is 3 braided ponytails with a bang.

3.The third with the yellow & white beads & barrettes is a crown filled w| barrettes & 2 rows of cornrows in the back.

4.This is the back of hairstyle #3

5.The fifth hairstyle is a sock bun Mohawk with 2 sock buns in the back and a big slanted sock bun in the front.

6.The last hairstyle is the double twist again. The front is going up into a bun with lots of knockers and barrettes. The back is diamond shaped double twist w| barrettes at the end.

7.The sixth hairstyle is cornrows in the front w/singles / box braids in the back. There was about 25 beads on each braid! Talk about time consuming!

Cynshei, you are doing a wonderful job! I can totally see you being a professional! Erica is toooo cute and her hair is Super-Fly, thanks to her big sister! Keep up the great job! 
-If you would like to see your daughter, niece, sister, cousin, someones kid (j/k) on KandyLandKurls just visit this link to see how http://kandylandkurls.blogspot.com/p/participate.html

Willow Smith Shaved Head

Willow Smith 11 years old, has shaved her hair.

Like the new look?
Would you allow your daughter to make such a bold move?
-Comment below-

Cara B Naturally Giveaway!!

It's that time again! You know..GIVEAWAY TIME! I try to host one giveaway a month, but don't hold me to it lol.
Today is your chance to win some Cara B Naturally products. Remember our review? (click here) to read it. Thanks again Cara B for hosting this giveaway! To celebrate their Target launch, we are going to giveaway the FULL SET of Cara B Naturally products to One (1) lucky winner.

The winner will receive the following:

(1) Body Lotion
(1) Hair Mist
(1) Leave In Conditioner
(1) Shampoo

The giveaway ends February 15th! 

Good Luck To All

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