SpotLight: Erica & Cynshei

Here are 7 pictures of my little sister Erica, age 5 when I did these styles. I just wanted to get my work out there for some feedback. My name is Cynshei (sin-shay) I'm currently 18 yrs old. I was 17 when these styles were done. I love to do hair. I do a lot of hair, teenagers, and adults, but I prefer to do children's hair. Doing hair is my hobby. I also do my own hair.

1.The first hairstyle with the multicolored barrettes is a double twist slanted Mohawk.

2.The second with the big knockers and barrettes is 3 braided ponytails with a bang.

3.The third with the yellow & white beads & barrettes is a crown filled w| barrettes & 2 rows of cornrows in the back.

4.This is the back of hairstyle #3

5.The fifth hairstyle is a sock bun Mohawk with 2 sock buns in the back and a big slanted sock bun in the front.

6.The last hairstyle is the double twist again. The front is going up into a bun with lots of knockers and barrettes. The back is diamond shaped double twist w| barrettes at the end.

7.The sixth hairstyle is cornrows in the front w/singles / box braids in the back. There was about 25 beads on each braid! Talk about time consuming!

Cynshei, you are doing a wonderful job! I can totally see you being a professional! Erica is toooo cute and her hair is Super-Fly, thanks to her big sister! Keep up the great job! 
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curlyhairisbeautiful.blogspot.com | Saturday, February 04, 2012

You did a great job on all these styles Cynsnhei! Kandy, please visit my blog- you have won something :)

Katherine Phillips | Sunday, February 05, 2012

Her hair is gorgeous!! Big sis definitely has a career in hair.

Anonymous | Tuesday, March 27, 2012

i think this is reallly good

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