SpotLight: Latorria & Princess

Princess is a 5 year old outgoing girl that loves life! She enjoys school, anything fashion, listening to music, playing with her friends, and learning various subjects! Princess loves cheerleading and dancing. She also likes learning to read, and playing with her little brother!

Princess is the perfect name for a girl this cute! I love seeing Latorria's beautiful styles on her daughter! I love her little curls. To check out more styles on Princess stop by there blog http://beautifulbiracial.com Thanks for participating in our SpotLight! If you would like to see your child featured on KandyLand just send up to 7 photos of your little one and your name to kandylandkurls@yahoo.com with the subject title "SpotLight."

Flat Ironed Hair/School Pictures

N's school picture day was tomorrow. I decided to do a cute simple cornbraid design on the top of her hair, and use Curlformers on the back of her hair. That night, I cornbraided her hair, and then I sprayed her hair with water/conditoner. I added the setting lotion to her hair, and placed about 30 Curlformers in the back of her hair. 

The next morning I woke N up, got her dressed for school. I took out 1 Curlformer, and guess what happened?  Her curl dropped!!! Her hair was still WET!! I removed all of the Curlformers and only 2 curls looked right. Now, I had no clue what to do, and we only had 20 minutes to get out of the door. N became sad, because she wanted to look nice for picture day. So I did the one thing, that I never done before...I used a flat iron!!! (pause for dramatic effect) lol. 

I have heard over, and over, again how heat is the Devil. But honestly, if you don't consistently do it, and use protection, there is nothing to worry about. N is 6 and she sits perfectly still, so I don't have to worry about burns. I whipped out the flat iron and heat protectant spray and got to work. We finished just in time. I didn't have time to flat iron the hair in the ponytail. So I made a quick two-strand twist, and she was out the door.. but not before I snap some pics!

Look how short her ponytail is compared to the rest of her hair, shrinkage is no joke!

3 slanted cornbraids, 2 down her edges, and smaller cornbraids going into a ponytail.

Hip or waist length?? I'm not sure what do you think?

She liked seeing her length, but she did not like her hair out. She came home complaining that her hair got wrapped around her bookbag, and some of her hair got tangled around her necklace. But worst of all, when she came home her hair was looking like Chaka Khan! Don't get me wrong, I love big hair, but that was not the look I expected. Trust me, her hair was EVERYWHERE. On the bright side her teacher gave her a semi-compliment (I guess)?? She said "Woo-Child, I can't imagine doing all of that, Bless your poor Momma". Ehh, I'll take it as a compliment. It may look like alot of work, but what she doesn't know is that, it only took under 20 mins (wink.)

Here is her School Picture :) 

Have you ever flat ironed your child's hair? Was there any pro's or con's from going curly to straight?

N's Featured On Baby Big Hair!

Baby Big Hair

I absolutely LOVE BabyBigHair website! The Mom behind it is so funny and down to earth in her blog. I really love how she takes the time to give the Dad some shine, when it comes to doing hair. If you haven't read her blog, your missing out, it's a great read. Thanks Chloe for featuring N and allowing us to be apart of your site.
Click here to check out BabyBigHair.

Organix BOGO Sale!!

If you like organix hair products, they are having a Buy One, Get One Free Sale at Rite-Aid! 
This includes their entire line, even the large bottles. I'm not sure when the sale is over, but hurry and stock up!

Winners Of The Curlformers Giveaway!!!!

It's that Time!! Time to make someone a very happy reader!!! Thanks to our friend at Curlformers one lucky reader will win a styling kit of their choice!
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Helping With Hair Care

One thing about my daughter N is, she loves to help her Mommy! From cleaning, cooking, to helping to bathe her brother, she always volunteers and is such a cheerful helper. Last weekend, I washed my little Sister's hair and she wanted it styled too. I set the blow dryer on cool, and N started to beg me to help blow dry. N has never had her hair blow dried before, so I guess she is a little curious. I was cooking dinner at the same time (multi-tasking super mom) so I let her take over. And that's exactly what she did, took over! She really thought she was a professional hairstylist. N would tell her "head up, okay, head down" it was so funny because she told her to "spin her head around." We all starting cracking up laughing,  because we all pictured the exorcist movie, with the head spinning around haha. Anywho here is a pic of "Professional Stylist Miss N" in action.

Does your little one help with hair time? If so, comment below to share your story.

Eco Styler Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel: Review

Made with 100% Argan Oil
Contains UV Protection
For all hair types
Maximum hold

Eco Styler Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel is formulated with rare oils extracted from kernels of the Argan tree in Morocco. The formula conditions and revitalizes the hair while adding a brilliant shine. Moisturizes providing hydration and elasticity to hair

Ingredients: Water, Carbomer, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, PVP, Glycerin, Trithanolamine, Sodium Hydrxymethylglycnate, Plysorbate 20, Tetrasodim EDTA, Argan oil, Fragrance, Yellow #11,

Consistency: Thick gel 

Price: $5.49

Review: Flyaways literally must of flown away, because I surely haven't seen them, since trying this product! <--corny but its the truth, this lays them down on her hair so nicely. It comes in a Huge jar, it will most likely last a year or two. I only use a small amount on her styles, I rub a quarter sized amount on her hair, then I brush it. The results are a nice, sleek, hair style. I also have been applying to her hair in sections before I cornbraid it. I noticed that her cornrolls don't look so frizzy and old. Before, her cornbraids would look old within 3-4 days. But now, her cornbraids last up to 9 days. This is a big deal for us, I'm sure they could last longer, but I like to wash her hair weekly. The one thing I do not like is, if you apply too much, it leaves a white residue. But a damp washcloth gets rid of the white residue. Overall I like this gel, and it's a plus that it's alot healthier than typical hair gels/jams. This gel is a keeper!

Curlformers GIVEAWAY!

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Winners Of The Bee Mine Blogging Anniversary!!

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Different Curl Types

Some people find products based on their hair type. 
For kinky hair some may look for a product with oils. For someone straight hair, they may look for a products to help get rid of oils. But what about those who have more than one hair type, what type of product could they use? Well this is the dilemma I had with N's hair. When she was younger her hair didn't like alot of oils. She had what is considered 3a hair type. 

But once she turned 1 1/2 her hair began to change. I noticed that it became more puffy, dry, and tangled. I started to use ethnic products for kinky hair. These products such as grease, weighed her hair down and it would look way too greasy. I had no clue what to do, I continued using heavy grease, because it looked nice and slicked down her hair. But if you touched it...well.. let's just say, you wouldn't need lotion for days haha. It wasn't until I started researching what some may consider "biracial hair" but I like to call it "3c hair type" because may people who are not biracial has this type.  From there, I learned about different curl types. 

I tried for many months to determine what was N's hair type, and I became so confused! She seemed to have 3c but at times she has 4a, but in some parts I saw 3a mixed with 3b...ughh....
Then a light bulb went off, and it dawned on me, N must have multiple curl patterns! I took this picture below to prove that I am not crazy or confused, she indeed has different curl patterns.

It has been a battle trying to find the best products for her. For all of those who are just as confused as me. Just hang in there, and keep experimenting. Try not to focus on the hair types or categories but focus on how well the product works. 

Which category do you think her curls fall into? 
Also do you, or your little one, happen to have more than one curl type?

Winner Of The bumGenius Giveaway!


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!
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Baby N Hairstyles: Pigtails Into A Bun

Here is another baby style from our new Baby N segment. She was 3 in this picture and I wasn't that creative :( I kept things pretty simple, and I created two pigtails in the front. Then I added them together, and formed a bun in the back.

Sorry for the bad picture quality, its a pic of a pic (confusing huh?) lol

Winter Hair Care Tips

Has anyone noticed the weather change? 
Well, we sure have! I already started to notice N's hair becoming more dry. 
Here are a few tips that we have been doing, in order to protect her hair this upcoming winter.

Instead of clarifying with sulfates once a month. I'm now going to stretch it out even further. Perhaps every two months, and use a moisturizing shampoo instead. I also have started giving N more oil treatments before shampooing, so that during the shampoo process, it won't strip away all of the "good" oils. I simply warm 1/4 cup of coconut oil. Apply it to her dry hair, let it sit with a cap, for approx 15 mins. Rinse. Then I continue with our regular shampoo process. Finally, I will continue to do more protective styles to protect her hair from the cold winds. 

Is there something you plan on adding or changing in your hair care routine this season? 

Cornbraids & Two-Strand Twists

So far in this school year, we've been doing more protective styles. It saves us much more time in the mornings, vs styling daily. I brought a new product that has been helping tremendously with making her styles last longer, with very minimal frizzies. The cornbraid design was a freestyle. 

Here are some quick instructions on how I achieved this look.

1.) I made sure her hair was well detangled.

2.) I parted her hair from her temple, on the side of her head, to the other side.

3.) I started in the back of her hair. I took a section with my fingers, no comb, and sprayed it with my water/conditioner mix.

4.) I added some Eco Styler Gel, and Bee Mine Curly Butter to a section. Then I began making medium sized two-strand twists.

5.) When I reached the ends of the twists, I wrapped the hair around my finger a few times. This created a slight curl, and that helps to stop the twists from unraveling.

6.) I continued twisting until the entire back section was complete. Again, I did not use a comb to section the twists just my fingers.

7.) Next, beginning with the top section. I made a small "rainbow shaped" part on the side of her hair.

8.) I made a cornbraid around the rainbow shaped part. 

9.) I continued making 3 rainbow shaped braids.

10.) I finished the rest of the hair on top, by creating braids with a slight curve.

11.) To maintain the look I sprayed with Darcy's Botanical's Coconut & Hibiscus Oil Spray.

Products Used: 
Eco Styler Gel (Review Coming Soon)
Bee Mine Curly Butter

Total Time: 1 1/2 hours

Go Green Event: bumGenius Diaper Detergent Giveaway!


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Ingredients: Sodium carbonate, Sodium sulfate, Sodium percarbonate, Sodium alkyl aryl sulfonate, Linear alcohol ethoxylate

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