Different Curl Types

Some people find products based on their hair type. 
For kinky hair some may look for a product with oils. For someone straight hair, they may look for a products to help get rid of oils. But what about those who have more than one hair type, what type of product could they use? Well this is the dilemma I had with N's hair. When she was younger her hair didn't like alot of oils. She had what is considered 3a hair type. 

But once she turned 1 1/2 her hair began to change. I noticed that it became more puffy, dry, and tangled. I started to use ethnic products for kinky hair. These products such as grease, weighed her hair down and it would look way too greasy. I had no clue what to do, I continued using heavy grease, because it looked nice and slicked down her hair. But if you touched it...well.. let's just say, you wouldn't need lotion for days haha. It wasn't until I started researching what some may consider "biracial hair" but I like to call it "3c hair type" because may people who are not biracial has this type.  From there, I learned about different curl types. 

I tried for many months to determine what was N's hair type, and I became so confused! She seemed to have 3c but at times she has 4a, but in some parts I saw 3a mixed with 3b...ughh....
Then a light bulb went off, and it dawned on me, N must have multiple curl patterns! I took this picture below to prove that I am not crazy or confused, she indeed has different curl patterns.

It has been a battle trying to find the best products for her. For all of those who are just as confused as me. Just hang in there, and keep experimenting. Try not to focus on the hair types or categories but focus on how well the product works. 

Which category do you think her curls fall into? 
Also do you, or your little one, happen to have more than one curl type?


Nicki Natural | Thursday, October 13, 2011

That's my issue with my daughter the middle of her head seems like 4b/c but the front is 4a/b and her roots are 3c. Her dad has big 3c curls but me (mommy) I'm a 4a/b/c yeah I have some issues too! lol It took me all summer just to figure out my hair routine and taking me even longer to figure out hers. Well I seen two products on the naturally curly website so I may order and try those.

KGilbert | Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm honestly still trying to figure out my hair type right now I'm thinking I may have 4C. I think my daughter had 4A. I can't be positive though.

KGilbert | Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm honestly still trying to figure out my hair type I believe I may have 4c. I haven't figured out my daughter's either I think she may have 4A but I'm not positive about either.

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