The Winner of the Book Review Wild, Wild, Hair

Thank you ladies for participating, joining our forum, and entering the giveaway! I really appreciate you taking the time to enter our contests! The winner will receive one copy of the book Wild, Wild Hair !!!
I chose a winner through Random.Org and the winner of the book Wild, Wild Hair is.....
# 9: loveyourgirlsbiracialcurls
I joined your awesome forum :)


We will giveaway another copy of Wild, Wild Hair to our second contestant DsMommy!!

Congratulations Ladies!!

Please send your full name and address to my email address kandylandkurls@yahoo.com

Edit: When I count the comments, I start from the last comment on the post, as number 1. And the older comments as 2,3,4 and so on. After some thought I realized that this is a little backwards, and the first comment posted should be number 1. Which I think makes more sense, so from now on I will count the first comment ever posted as number 1, when calculating the results from Random.Org. So, I will give away another copy of the book to DsMommy, and from here on out I will count the results in the other order. Sorry for the confusion, this is my 2nd time using random, so I apologize.

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Rory, Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care | Monday, February 21, 2011

yay, congratulations to the winners!

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