Straightened Natural Hair

If your not following us on facebook, you missed our status about how we were searching for information on hooded dryers, and hair steamers. I decided to check out Walmart & Amazon looking for a reasonable priced hooded dryer, with decent reviews. I decided to purchase the Conair hooded dryer. I also had to grabbed a few other hair goodies. You know how you can't just get 1 thing while shopping at walmart (sigh.) I also purchased a new flat iron, blow dryer, and heat protectant spray as well, all for a total of roughly $60 (not bad!) Oh and free shipping, and it arrived within 2-3 days (yeaaa buddy.) 

I originally planned on waiting to flat iron N's hair this fall when the weather is cooler, so we wouldn't have to worry about humidity. But I couldn't help myself, I swear that flat iron and blow dryer were calling me.  Plus I wanted to see if it worked well, so I could return it haha. 

N rocked a twistout for the full week. 

I washed her hair with Blended Beauty Soy Shampoo, and deep conditioned with Blended Beauty Herbal Reconditioner. I put her hair into 2 braids, and placed a plastic cap over her hair. I set the dryer temperature to the low setting, and the speed to high. 

She sat under the dryer for 10 minutes, and let me tell you! Deep conditioning with heat, is AMAZING!! Her hair NEVER EVER felt like this! Don't get me wrong, her hair feels good after deep conditioning with a hot towel. But this time, it felt as smooth as butter! I barely finger detangled, her hair separated so easily. I was seriously blown away! I wished I purchased it years ago (always late -sad face-) 

Okay, after I rinsed the deep conditioner out, I added Giovanni Direct Leave In, and it provided slip for me to detangle. Our detangling session was a breeze. I put her hair into 4 sections (two on top, two on bottom.) Then I blowdried one section at a time. I used the cool setting, and used the pick attached to help straighten her hair a bit. Once I completed the 4 sections, I added Bee Mine Luscious moisturizer, and sealed it in with Blended Beauty Hair Oil. Next, I sprayed her hair with our new Garnier Frutis Heat Protectant Spray. I made sure that her hair was well coated with it, to avoid heat damage. 

Then it was time to flat iron. I set the iron on it's lowest setting, it took 30 seconds to heat up (really fast.) The only down side, was due to the automatic shut off, it shut off 3 times. I guess it's not used to being on for 2 hours as we straighten ahaha. I worked in (1/2 inch sections) going down her hair with the chase comb method. Chase Comb Method: Combing the hair slowly, as the flat iron follows directly behind it. 

We finished her hair past midnight. I quickly snapped a few pictures. Then I wrapped her hair in a doubie wrap, like this. 

  and sent her to bed with her scarf.

Here are our finished results 
(click on the pictures to enlarge.)

During our 4 hour hair time. We joked around and watched a movie. While talking, I asked her if she preferred her hair "Curly" or "Straight?" She replied "Curly" I asked her "Why?" She said "Because I'm scared that my hair will end up going into the toilet." ....Leave it to N to think of that sillyness! 


fatkat | Sunday, September 09, 2012

N is beautiful and so is her hair. Love her answer

Shelly Robinson | Sunday, September 09, 2012

Look at all that gorgeous hair! Love it! :-)

La Shauna | Sunday, September 09, 2012


DiscoveringNatural | Monday, September 10, 2012

It looks really beautiful. I have a huge ...HUGE fear of heat.. So glad for this post.


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