Product Review: Goin Natural

I recently had the pleasure to review 2 of the 4 products, in the Goin Natural product line. 

Morargan Gold

100% Pure Moroccan Oil

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Ingredients: Argania Sponosa (Argan Oil) 

Consistency: Oil

Product Review: I have been hearing so many positive reviews on pure moroccan oil. Many product lines are now incorporating argan oil to their products. So I was thrilled to try PURE 100% argan oil. It smells great, and it only took a few drops to seal in N's moisturizer. Now I was very thankful that only a few drops did the job. Why, you may ask? Well it costs $30.00. I'm a cheapie so for a little over 3 ounces, this is pricey. But the benefits of using argan oil are excellent, listed below are a few benefits of Argan Oil:

- Promotes Hair Growth
- Controls Frizz
-Restores Shine
-Prevents Breakage

Now that you know the pros and price, you can be the judge. But I do love it, and as they say "the finer things in life aren't free." So I will continue to use this product, and if I see a HUGE difference in her hair I will buy more (at income tax time LOL.) But I'm treating this product like pure gold! 

Twist, Curl & Edge Control 

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Ingredients: Deionize water, mineral oil, vegetable glycerine, dea-oleth-3, phoshate, oleth-3 olrth-20, argan oil, kernal oil, diazolidinyl urea, fragrance.

Consistency: Thick brown (gel like) texture.

Product Review: I'm a label reader. So when I read "mineral oil" as the second ingredient, and diazolidinyl, I was not thrilled. Mineral oil, along with petroleum, has never been beneficial to N's hair. It makes her hair feel greasy and is still dry. So even though I gave this product a major "side eye" I gave it a try on her hair. It claims to help control your edges, and it did just that. It has a perfumy (not sure if that a word lol) scent. It truly slicked down her flyaways. I won't use this daily, but compared to previous gels ( like ampro for ex.) This was not as drying. Those other gels always left that sticky feeling, & flaky stuff in her hair. This product did not. So if your hair takes well to mineral oil, then this product is right up your alley. But for us, the jury is out on the Goin Natural Silk. I will keep you all updated on this product :)

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LexFlNatural | Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Now I want to try this line so tempting :)

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