Detangling A Tenderheaded Kid's Hair

My daughter is very tenderheaded. She cries whenever I attempt to comb her hair, while wet. Doing detangling can be a nightmare. This is why I have only do twists on her hair.

As you can see, she has lots of hair. All these hair needs to be detangled! Thinking about the task at hand, gives nightmares. Hearing her cry during the detangling process, breaks my heart. However, I have finally found a way that works.

Choose a friendly and comfortable location

Her favorite room is the game room, where she has her toys and lots more entertainment and distraction.

Provide distraction 

Give her something to distract her. I made sure the TV was set to a kid friendly show.I also provided her with a small snack and Barbie dolls to play with.

Have your detangling products available 

I mixed the products for detangling,while she was watching her show. I do the detangling during pre-poo step of the whole wash process. I mixed conditioner and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Also, got a mist bottle filled with water.

Start detangling the hair 

One thing to note before you start finger detangling, check your finger nails for any nails that might snag on her hair. Also, be extremely gentle with the hair. I divided her hair into four sections. Starting with the most tender part of her head and I gently detangling that section with my finger. I hold on to the base of the hair that is being detangled and then work my way from the ends of the hair to the base. When I finish with one section, I two strand twist it. I do this step for each of the sections. If you come across a knot or tangle, apply more of the detangling mixture to soften it before you attempt to untangle it.

End Results after washing, deep conditioning and styling...

Do you have a tenderheaded child?... or are you tenderheaded? 
Share your detangling tips.

 Guest Blogger: Sawah

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