How To Care For Your Combs And Brushes

Earlier today I asked the question on our Facebook "How do you care for your combs and brushes?" I put together a list of 5 different ways you can care and clean, your combs and brushes. 

1.) Pour shampoo on the combs and brushes, and gently scrape them together to create suds, then rinse.

2.) Pour some detergent in warm/hot water, and let it sit for several minutes, then rinse with running hot water.

3.) Get a old toothbrush, and scrub with dish detergent.

4.) Boil the comb and brush. 

5.) Leave the combs and brushes on the floor of the shower, while you wash your hair. By the time you are finished, simply rinse them with hot water.

Remember to clean them every 2 weeks or when dirty, and more frequently if you share your comb/brushes with others. 

-So how do you care for your comb and brushes? 


La Shauna | Saturday, April 14, 2012

good tips.. I am gonna follow these. thanks Kandy!!

Melly, Yaya's Mom! | Saturday, April 14, 2012

These are some great tips! I always try to make sure to clean my brushes with shampoo every so often.

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