Twist Out Pt.2

Sorry for the wait, I decided to break up the "Twist Out Post" into two posts. We are now on Day 4, of our twist out! We do have some frizzies (which is inevitable on curly hair.) But its not too bad. Here is a breakdown of what we've been doing to maintain the twists. 

1.) Wear a scarf each night. Even when she is wrestling or laying on the floor, I make sure she has her scarf on during those times. 

2.) I put her hair in a high loose ponytail/bun at night.

3.) In the morning I either use a spray for moisture, or add my shea butter mix.

Now here is another thing I had to do, on Wednesday night I re-twist the frizzies. I simply wet her hair with our spray bottle (water/conditioner mix.) Then I add a small amount of Eco styler gel and I retwist her hair. I focus mostly on the crown of her hair. I did not retwist her entire head. Here is a few pictures of the area. 

 The white arrows indicate the area I retwisted. 

I did roughly 9 twists total. 

When I first did this style I did not expect it to come out so nicely. Once her twists dried, I thought her hair  looked a mess, I didn't even take a picture. I actually planned on flat ironing N's hair for Easter. But I removed 3 twists in the back of her hair and loved the way it looked. I continued and instantly fell in love! Now, I'm still not thrilled about the appearance of chunky twists (I look at it like a bed time/around the house hair style.) But I really like the results. 
I wanted to share some photos of Day 2-4 of her twist out. 
(Day 2)

 (Day 3)

 (Day 4)

So far so good, I plan on removing this style this weekend to wash her hair. But I'm thrilled that it lasted as long as it did! We will definitely try this style again! 

Have you tried a Twist out? How did you maintain the look?   


Precious Henshaw | Thursday, April 12, 2012

Her twist out still looks so beautiful!

UntrainedHairMom | Thursday, April 12, 2012

Very nice twist out, it looks gorgeous! I haven't done a twist out in a very long time, might be time to give it another shot.

Diva Locks | Friday, April 13, 2012


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