Product Review: The Bead Barrette

The Bead Barrette is an exciting and unique hair accessory designed for girls of all ages! Created by a mom who is also a former hair accessories buyer, The Bead Barrette was designed with one goal in mind... to make hair prettier....faster by adding beautiful beads into your hair

Review: Where have you been all my LIFE! Do you know how much of a pain in the tush it is to put beads on the hair? Without it falling all over the floor, or the worry of a baby swallow beads, and you can't forget the rubberband ripping your ends off. Well, The Bead Barrette has come to the rescue!

It's so simple to use, simply open the bead barrette with the little stick (comes in the pack) and it pops open. Inside of the bead barrette is little teeth, which helps to grasp the hair. Position the barrette to the section you wish to attach it to. Then you simply clamp shut, it's the very same process to attach a regular barrette. The best part, is you can attach it to loose hair. Not only twisted or braided hair, but all types, which is totally sweet! 

As you can see in the photo above, I attached it to the middle of N's braids to not put stress on her ends, and they held perfectly in place all day. The Bead Barrette comes in Black, White, Clear, and Pink, and can be found in Walmart. I definitely recommend the bead barrette, it saves so much time and hassle. 

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