SpotLight- Naomi

Naomi O. Osibajo is an amazing young entertainer born to the world on April 29th, 2008. Naomi was born to a Nigerian father and a Russian/Japanese mother. Naomi loves to model and act. She loves the whole idea of entertaining people and making them feel better. Naomi has been modeling since she was very young and she is currently joining the acting business. Naomi has done many things in the modeling business;she has been on magazines, newspapers, websites, and blogs.Naomi isn't just a model, but she has a beautiful personality and it makes the people around her feel happy. She is compassionate and kind, also she is very well behaved for someone her age which helps her during casting calls. Naomi is a very remarkable young girl and she will transform into a very prosperous woman.

Naomi has very nice curly hair, some may say curly and some fluffy. Naomi hair is what describes her and along with her eyes and smile it captures people's attention. Naomi's hair is very soft and we try to recreate numerous styles. This is very difficult because we don't want to hurt her while we do it. We cover these flaws by doing a lot of hairstyles that require big puffs and Afros. Naomi also uses hair product like mixed chics, curlfomers, and others. Naomi loves her hair and everyone loves it too, but the best part about it is the volume in her hair. We like to braid her hair a night before so that in the morning we could just take out the braids and instant curls.
By: Her Mom

Thank you Naomi for participating in our SpotLight! This child is BEAUTIFUL!! She has an amazing head of curls and a beautiful smile to match!! If I could keep her, I totally would try! LOL 
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Anonymous | Tuesday, January 17, 2012

she's too beautiful love her luscious hair.

Anonymous | Tuesday, January 17, 2012

tooo stinkin cute

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