Guest Blogger Article: Part II

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 Tip 4. Moisturize use an oil moisturizer or lotion is not greasy and does not contain alcohol. A light coat of moisturizer will serve as a protector against the heat from the blow dryer. Do not use grease; it is not absorbed into the hair. You can blow-dry the hair on a low temperature or if you prefer styling the hair first and placing under hooded dryer that is fine as well. 

Tip 5. If you choose to straighten or curl your child's use the lowest setting possible, you do not want to burn the hair nor the child. Part into 4 sections as before and work your way around the head from back to front. Start at the back part off some of the hair and flat iron from root to ends. Make sure you cover all parts of the hair with the flat irons, its not a good idea to go back over hair that was already been straighten. Repeat until your have straighten the whole head.

Tip 6: Styling the hair can be the hardest part. Apply a small gel for smooth ponytails. DO NOT USE RUBBER BANDS. I cannot stress enough rubber pulls the hair and almost every time will come off with some hair round it. Try elastic ponytail holders they can so much safer and come in many different colors. 

Just have fun with it and be creative with your parts and styles one way to make the process easier, play salon with her. Have her make an appointment and treat her as paying customer, my girls love this and relax the atmosphere little more.

By (Guest Blogger) Shasta Mignon

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