Introducing Guest Blogger: Shasta

I wanted to start this new year, with a hair care article from our guest blogger Shasta. Shasta is the Mother of two cute girls. Pebbles age 10 and Tinkerbell age 5. She is currently studying Media Technology, majoring in Broadcasting. 
Check out her hairstyles below.

Hair Care Tips for kids with Ethnic Hair.
When it comes to your child you want nothing but the best from the top of their heads down to their toes and everything in between. However, in today's world you may not have the money to take your child to a professionally on a regular basic.  Here are my tips, as a licensed Cosmetologist and mother of two girls, on how to care for Ethnic Kid's hair.

 Ethnic hair comes in all types and textures but have should be cared for the same way.
Tip 1. Weekly shampoos with an alcohol free shampoo, its first line of defense is caring for any kind of hair. Educate yourself. Read the labels and ingredients in the shampoos, know what you are using. Alcohol is very damaging to the hair and can cause unnecessary dryness and breakage. The cheaper the shampoo is the more likely its made of mostly water and alcohol.

Tip 2. Condition, use a Conditioner that’s not heavy and doesn't weigh the hair down, Leave in conditioners are great as long as it isn't greasy and of course alcohol free as well. When applying the Conditioner make sure you cover every strand form root to ends and even scalp. If it is not a Leave in, just let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse with warm water. Carol's Daughter makes a great line of hair care products for all types of kid's hair, made naturally with no Alcohol.

Tip 3.Clipping the dead-ends should also be preformed every 6 to 8 weeks but only by a professional. You always want to start with a clean oil free head. If your baby is tender headed or the hair gets tangled easily spray a light mist of detangler before you start the cut comb out. Use a wide toothcomb. It will save you both the tears. Part the hair in four sections; it’s easier to do if you tackle a section a time. Starting at the back right section comb the ends first while holding the middle of the section, if it still tangled can spray more detangler as need. Comb the whole section from root to end without kinks or knots. Repeat until you have combed out all four sections. 

-You do a wonderful job, your daughters hair looks absolutely luscious! I cant wait to see more styles, and future articles from you.
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