Zig Zag

Zig-Zag Style Tutorial - "N" went to our local salon "Beautiful U" We Love them, and this was the style they did, it was easy to do and maintain. This was her first day of school hairstyle. Since then, I have copied this style a few more times, and its so fast to do, especially on the mornings we are running late :-0
1.)Start with clean detangled hair. I washed her hair the day before. I detangled it and placed her hair into four braids for her night time routine, to help dry and stretch out her hair. The next day before styling I added some Softee Indian Hemp to help moisturize her hair. 
2.) I removed the braids and made a slanted part starting near her right ear going up (about a inch and a half part)
3.) At the end of the part I made a slanted part going down.
4.)Continue the pattern of a up/down slant part until you reach the other side of the hair.
5.)Separate the top of the hair from the bottom, then take the bottom section of the hair and follow the same pattern going downwards.
6.)Separate the zig-zag parts with a bow to section them off, then take the right section and split it into two parts.
7.)Twist the section of hair, by wrapping the two sections around each other, Right over Left, and repeat, until you reach the end of the hair.
8.)Repeat step 7 on the left side of the hair. 
9.)Next I took the top of the hair and tied it into a bun and I added hair bows to accessorize.
Total time: approx. 20-25 min
Products used: Wide tooth comb
                        Hair bands to section the hair


Melli | Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The hair and little girl is so cute!! I have a boy. lol

Anonymous | Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Thx so much i am turning eleven on friday july 29th and im having a delimma on what my hairs goin to do...
- Cardina Toombs

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