3 Cornrows Into A Ponytail

Yesterday I did this very quick style on "N", we were running a little late because of her tooth falling out that morning. Since she is sooo dramatic it slowed us down, but anyways I quickly made 3 cornrows and threw the rest of her hair into a braided ponytail.

If you don't know how to cornrow I found this website, which is color illustrated, to help make it easier to understand how to do it. I did not learn how to cornrow from this site (I learned from my aunts growing up) but if I were to advice on how to cornbraid to a beginner, I would recommend this site http://learncornrows.com/step1.html  

Awe look at the little blood spot where her tooth once was, she's my big girl!!


Iman | Saturday, October 09, 2010

so cute and simple. :) I like the pink ribbon at the bottom. I think I will add it to my pictures also this month. Thanks Kandy.

KandyLandKurls | Saturday, October 09, 2010

Thanks, and no problem :-) its great to bring awareness, im glad we can use these blogs to help :-)

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