SpotLight- Nevaeh

1.) Your name and little one's name/nickname.
My name is Sophia and my princess name is
Nevaeh also known as "vayvay" to others and "my stinking honey cakes " to me :-).

2.) What is your hair care routine?
I shampoo her hair once maybe twice a month. I cowash it once a week. Meaning, I only wash it using conditioner, a deep conditioner and a leave in conditioner. I try not to wash out the oils because her hair gets really dry.

3.) What products are you currently using?
Right now, I'm using Mixed Chicks Leave-in and Deep Conditioner, Miss Jessie's Super Sudsy Shampoo and Curly Pudding Creme. I use a few other Miss Jessie's Cremes but Curly Pudding is my fave :-) .

4.) Do you use (or will or will not use) heat/chemicals on the child's hair?
I do use heat once in a while to blow dry her hair, when I do some of her twist for twist outs. But most of the time after washing, I do wet twist or nubian knots. I am never using a chemical in her hair I love her curls :-).  When she gets older it will be her choice, but hope she will never want to.

5.) Do you use heat or chemicals in your hair? 
Yes I do, I get a relaxer once a month! Then I blow dry my hair, and use bevelers to curl it. I got my first perm when I was 5! Yes I know most people will think that's bad, but my mom said my hair was too curly and wouldn't hold styles, or bows, they just kept sliding off. But she went to hair school and knew what she was doing, so mine was fine and well taken care of :-). She still do it til this day lol love you Mom!!!!!

6.) What was the worst hair tip you have received?
Actually I haven't received any, I'm usually the one giving out hair tips lol. I hope all my tips helps other moms though. I went to hair school, so I don't really ask for hair tips, I think I know a great deal of things :-).

7.) Do you cut/trim the hair? If so how often?
I have never cut, or trimmed her hair, I'm thinking about doing before she starts kindergarten for the first time.

8.) What is some hair advice you will like to share?
Hmmmmm I'll say try not to shampoo too much, your stripping the hair of it's natural oils which causes it to be dry, keep the hair moisturized, don't use rubberbands they break the hair off, and use wide tooth combs :-)

Thanks so much for those hair tips! You're not alone, I'm a relaxed Momma too! But I'm glad we are taking steps towards keeping our daughter's natural as long as possible. Nevaeh is such a beautiful girl and her curls are Fab-u-lous!!! I wish I could steal her lol!  

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Michelle G | Thursday, September 01, 2011

Wow, loving those pics... Nevaeh is such a lil model and those curls. The second to the last pic is my favorite tied with the pic of Nevaeh and mom.

Shay | Thursday, September 01, 2011

love that fro pic!

Precious @ Precious-Curls.com | Thursday, September 01, 2011

Beautiful girl with beautiful curls! :)

UntrainedHairMom | Thursday, September 01, 2011

She is so cute, I always love her fro photos

DiaryofaHairPrincess | Friday, September 02, 2011

omg, she is so cute, I see a model brewing, LOL

Dreamer13 | Friday, September 02, 2011

oh man - she's way too cute! I LOOVE her hair! :D Great job, mama!


Berri_Cherri | Monday, November 05, 2012

She is such a doll. Love the photos!

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