Keratin Treatment

Created By Nature has post this wonderful article on our Facebook page and I wanted to share this with everyone! I know some people have heard of it, but not everyone. I wanted to shine some light on this treatment.

I am a licensed cosmetologist that functions solely as a natural stylist. So understand that this is my view on this service.

To begin Keratin is the protein that is found in the hair, skin and nails. The purpose of protein as a conditiner; is to fill in missing Keratin bonds to strengthen the hair (and help prevent breakage and shedding) As stated protein is to make the hair strong, not to smooth or straighten.  Protein can be found in cream forms (milder) and liquid (very aggressive) once it is applied to the hair, and it sits for 15-25 min (with heat or steam) Protein will stay on the hair for 6-12 weeks. Understand protein is a treatment, and because its purpose is to make the hair strong, it should not be done too often (too much protein can actually dry the hair and cause breakage)
Saying this, I began to research this product.   I kept asking companies what is the “Catalyst” in this product what is making the hair smooth (because this is not what Keratin does).  Of course, I got a lot of run around.  After looking into it some more I discovered “Formaldehyde" (a preservative and the main chemical found in embalming fluid) Yes, this is the catalyst and “smoothing” agent that is found in the “Keratin Treatment”.  Now of course they offer this treatment with lower % of Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde free ( but of course it is not as effective)

So you have this chemical added with Keratin, that can dry out your hair if used improperly; which in this case is so.  This service is done in the following way.  Applied to the hair, blow dried into the hair, flat ironed into the hair and the the hair cannot be shampooed for 48-72 hrs in order for the service to work effectively.  I have seen first hand from clients who have used this "treatment" and it has destroyed their hair.  Whether it has caused breakage or permanently altered the wave pattern.   There are so many reasons, why I would stay clear of this; the main thing is the health and integrity of your hair and your body.

This was the first video I watched when I researched Keratin Treatment. Reniece has a wonderful YouTube channel come check it out  http://www.youtube.com/user/RenieceHairTV

Feel free to also check out this article

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