SpotLight: Kim & Laina

1.) Your name and little one's name/nickname?

My name is Kim and my gorgeous niece's name is Laina or Diva A or Barbie. I am 25 and recent college graduate w/my A.S. in ultrasound. Diva is 8 and in the 3rd grade.
She is a total girly, and plans on staying like that. We also have our very own blog with youcandoittoo2.blogspot.com

2.) What's your child's hair care routine?

We don't really have a big hair care routine. I wash her hair twice a week, and co-wash it once a week. At night I tend to put it in braids, or pony tails, so it will not be tangled in the mornings.

3.) What products are you currently using?

I use a leave in conditioner called, Hi Image which is made with olive oil. We use a Kid's Organic Olive gel and Suave Shampoo and Conditioner for her washes.

4.) Do you use (or will or will not use) heat/chemicals on the child's hair?

No, I will not use chemicals, but every once in awhile I use the blow dry, or my wet-to-straight straightener on her.

5.) Do you use heat/chemicals on your hair?

Yes, when I was younger I've had my hair permed, and I do blow dry and straighten my hair. But I use an olive oil base heat protector that works really well.

6.) What was the worst hair tip you have received?

I don't think I ever got any yet.

7.) Do you cut/trim the hair? if so how often? 

Every 3 to 5 months.

8.) What is some hair advice you would like to share?

Never ever give up!! Practice makes perfect. Anyone can do hair if they want too :)

Show us the pictures!!!!!

Your such a sweet Aunt to do your niece's hair, and you do such a wonderful job! I love her silly face in the picture, she is a cutie! I can't wait to check out more styles from your brand new blog youcandoittoo2.blogspot.com Thanks for participating!

-If you would like to be apart of KandyLand, and get interviewed, just send an email to kandylandkurls@yahoo.com 

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Nikki's HairThoughts | Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awww, I love that top side pony and the fishtail braid. So pretty!

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