Stop Touching My Hair!

I shared this story on our facebook page, and received alot of feedback and I wanted to share it with you too. We are a pretty chatty bunch, come follow us, so you wont miss the action.

In the car ride home from school a few days ago. N told me that a classmate named Ja'Zaria (?) keeps touching her hair! N told me that she has touched her hair 100 times since school began (N can be a little overly dramatic.) N says she has told the girl "No" and "Stop it!" and has even told the teacher, who also told the child to stop. But later on during the day, or the next day, she does it again. I wrote a note to the teacher in N's agenda about this, and asked that the teacher talk with the child, about keeping her hands to herself. Since then, I ask daily if the anyone has touched her hair, and N says "no"...thank goodness! 

My question is has this happened to you or your child? Could N's hairstyles be a distraction? Could this be a form of bullying? How would you handle this situation? and how would you handle it, if it occurs again?
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KHC0714 | Thursday, September 15, 2011

Diva A has told me the same thing. Just recently when she had her ribbon braids they kept untieing the ribbons at the end of the braids..It's like what happen to telling children, keep your hands to your self.

Shawn | Thursday, September 15, 2011

My daughter has waist length hair, and we do all kinds of fun styles with it. She is in the 1st grade now, and ever since Pre-K, we have had problems with other kids touching it. She tells them not to, but I guess long, beautiful hair like hers and N's is hard to resist for young kids sometimes! I tell her to politely tell her friends, "thank you for liking my hair, but please don't touch it". If she has further problems, I have told her to tell her teacher. It hasn't gotten as bad as N's seems to have, but it is annoying. I think you did the right thing with N's teacher, and if it came to that with my daughter, I would do the same. There is nothing wrong with wearing pretty or elaborate hairstyles to school! My daughter is known at school for her hair. Before she even met her teacher this year, the teacher already knew who she was because she had seen her hairstyles in previous years. That's fun!

Lauren | Friday, September 16, 2011

JoJo had a little boy at school picking on her about her hair. He wasnt touching it but he was calling her poof head. My child is very out spoken. So I told her to call him big head or make a comment about his hair. She did she called him big head after he said something about her hair. She came running off the bus so proud of herself. She said he has bothered about her hair since.

Rae @ Tweeny Hair | Friday, September 16, 2011

Syd dealt with this a lot when she was younger. I don't think it's bullying as much as innocent childhood curiosity. When kids see something they like, their hands are drawn to it as though there's some magnetic force behind it or something. Regardless, it's annoying and the kids need to learn to keep their hands off of other people. You did the right thing by politely asking the teacher to step in.

KGilbert | Sunday, September 25, 2011

We had an issue with this when school first opened a child took down my daughter's hair. I sent an email to the teacher and the teacher switched their seats. I was told that I was over reacting to this incident. But I don't think I was. My daughter is in 6th grade and I think by that age you should no how to keep your hands to yourself and not invade a person's personal space.

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