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A few posts ago I was discussing age appropriate hairstyles for teens in ("A's") Spotlight. B.B had mentioned in the comments section about babies having a lace front wig. I couldn't picture a baby with a wig, even if, it was for a medical reason. I would just picture a bald headed baby, but I couldn't get my mind off of that subject and on BCC a member showed a picture of this baby.

So here is my question, do you think its okay for a baby to have a wig? Not as dress up for around the house, but for a everyday hairstyle?


Shay | Thursday, December 02, 2010

i always think it's a joke when i see that picture. me and my 3 year daughter laugh until it hurts because it just looks so silly... so it kind of baffles me that a person would actually want to waste time by putting a wig on their baby. even if both my children were born bald, they'd rock their bald heads in a minute! it's just hair.. but man, i really think that's taking it too far.


thinkshink | Thursday, December 02, 2010

LOL, that picture made me laugh so hard! I don't think a wig is any worse than the dozens of girls I see with fake hair in braids! I am single handedly trying to convince every mother with a daughter with those braids to convert! They're just ruining their pretty natural hair!

Love your blog by the way!

Alida | Friday, December 03, 2010

that is just wrong!!! I think babies are naturally beautiful hair or no hair.


Kandy | Friday, December 03, 2010

I agree with all of you, I would take a picture of my child with a wig, that doesn't have to be glued or taped on as a joke. But I think this parent went too far by using tape and glue to stick that on the baby. That hairstyle was meant to last for awhile and it wasn't a joke. I think its ridiculous to put that on a baby. The mother sent in the picture and said "It’s never too early for my baby to start looking glamorous like Beyonce,since I would not be seen outside the house without my weave, my daughter wouldn't either!”

BeautifulBiracial | Saturday, December 04, 2010

And that's the picture/baby I was talking about too! That is just ridiculous! When the media or fashion says 'long hair is in.' That doesn't mean run out and get your 2 month old baby a lacefront wig. Smh! I don't even like seeing children with a head full of weave...and you wonder why kids act more grown up then theyre supposed too..because of their parents!

CP | Sunday, December 05, 2010

I am your newest follower from MBC and would love a follow back!

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