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Can you think of any popular character that catered to young black girls when we were young?...I can't. 

The idea for Miss Zee's coloring books originally came about when I couldn't find any coloring books that contained characters with the likeness of my daughter, Zee. (Zee has medium brown skin and dark, puffy afro hair.) This resulted in me only buying her coloring books that contained images of non-human like characters like Hello Kitty. However, coloring books with human-like characters that had straight hair and white skin (when in color) were purchased for her by family members anyway. Rather than throwing those books away, I taught Zee how to create more diverse images by coloring them in different shades (including one similar to her's) and how to draw on afros, to prevent her for from feeling guilt for not looking like these characters, as I did as a child.

I then realized that having to alter lines in a coloring book was far too much for a child to have to do. The image should already be there for one to color as-is. To combat this issue, I took it upon myself to create her a character that she could relate to.

After I finished the first couple of coloring pages that I made for Zee's custom coloring book, I decided to upload them online for free of charge. I then received many requests to make a book like this widely available. Since getting coloring books printed is not something that my current income can support, I created a Kick Starter page to help make this possible. If you would like to see a coloring book like this made available, please make a pledge to out Kick Starter by going here

-This is such a wonderful idea, to finally see children with different features and colors. The Miss Zee's project needs to raise more funding to kickstart it. We all can help by spread the word about this project. Thanks Miss Gee for reaching out to us, and we wish you the best on your endeavor. 

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Miss Gee | Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank you so much, Kandy Land Kurls for your support! I really appreciate it more than you know. <3

Miss Gee

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