Mini Twists Length Check

We are now on week 2 of the mini twists. They are holding up very well. Each night I add moisturizer and seal her hair. Her twists love to curl for some strange reason. So I either band her hair at night, or I pineapple her hair. She wears her scarf for bathing (so it won't get wet) and sleeping. I will probably take them down this weekend.

While creating her twists, I decided to do a length check. I couldn't find our tape measure, so we used body parts to determine her growth. Surprisingly her hair now reaches her "bottom." If you remember on New Years we set a length goal for the year. Our goal was to reach "bottom length" and we are there! I thought it would take all year. Now we have to set a new goal, I think I would like for her hair to be more fuller on the "bottom" and our second goal (this is a dream) but waist length. I plan on measuring again by the end of the summer, so we shall see.....

Take a look at her "bottom/butt length" 

Had to use a bow to hold it down, hard to take a pic and hold the hair at the same time lol.
I also have to share that Little Miss N, has offically learned how to do a two strand twist. She grabbed her Dora doll and created several twists. I had to take a picture, I'm so proud!  

She even finished the final twist in her hair!


Mrs. Ebonee | Sunday, May 06, 2012

Yea!! Congrats to meeting your goal. Ours is reaching BSL by the end of the yr.
My daughter has learned to master 2 strand twisting...thank goodness for barbie/dora head dolls :)

My Baby Girls Curls | Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Wow!!! Keep up the good work!

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