Mini Twists

Yup you got it, we are back to mini twists, our new favorite protective style. All this month we will be participating in BeadsBraidsBeyond Protective Style Challenge, I must say it came at the perfect time! I plan on keeping N's hair in protective styles throughout the summer. Last time I did mini twists, well they weren't as small as this time.

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On Sunday, I washed, deep conditioned, blowdried (on cool) and banded her hair into 5 sections. I began creating small mini twists within each section. We started her hair around 1:00 ish, and finished at 8:30. Longest ever! I usually wash and prep the hair the night before styling. But I did everything in one shot. I plan to keep these in for 3 weeks. 

Products Used: 
Shea Moisture Shampoo
Blended Beauty Herbal Reconditioner
Giovanni Direct Leave In
Shea Butter Mix
Eco Styler Gel
(maintenance throughout the week) 
Cara B Naturally Leave In
Blended Beauty Hair Oil

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La Shauna | Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Love it. I need to get that Cara B. SN: Like the new layout :)

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