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In February we hosted a Protective Style Challenge, and now we are participating in Beads Braids & Beyond Protective Style Challenge. I plan on keeping N's hair in protective styling throughout the summer. During our 2 month challenge N's hair has grown quite a bit, and so has a few other members. This is one of the many reasons why I love protective styling! Also not having to style daily is a major plus! 

I wanted to explain in detail, what is the purpose of these styles and the differences.

Protective Styles: Are when your ends are protected against the elements, such as rubbing against your clothing, climate, and etc. The ends of your hair are the oldest part of your hair, and need extra TLC in order to help you retain your hair length. There are two categories of protective styles: low manipulation and no manipulation.

Low Manipulation: Low manipulation styles are styles that require some daily manipulation, and little to no combing. Styles such as braidouts, twistouts are low manipulation, but they may require some manipulation, such as re-twisting or re-braiding to keep the style looking good.  

No Manipulation: No manipulation are styles that require no daily work. Just a simple moisturize and go style.

The key to these styles being beneficial to you, is to keep them in long enough to retain length. I typically try to keep N's hair in the style for 2 weeks. Leaving the hair in the same style for long periods of time can lead to matting and build up. Also it's not good to neglect your hair, make sure to wash, moisturize and care for your hair while its in the protective styles.  Also change up the style, parting the hair in the same spots can lead to thinning of that area. 

Here are some examples of styles with no manipulation and low manipulation.

No Manipulation:

Flat Twists
Bantu Knots

Low Manipulation: 
Braid Outs
Twist Outs
Roller Sets
French Braids
Wash & Go's

-What's your favorite low and no manipulation style?  

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Nicole Day | Friday, May 18, 2012

We're just learning protective styling - we've done a braided bun and cornrow/twists combo for the last two weeks (but I did add beads to the twists to weigh them down - major shrinkage!). Our styles don't get past three days before the frizzies come out. We're trying a few moisture and hold solutions to help with that. This week, we will try twists, no beads, with a twist out mid-week (for Pre-K graduation - we are asked to put the hair 'down' with no bows. Hope this works!!)

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