Flower Braid & Mohawk

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I pre-pooed, washed, conditioned, and put her hair into 4 braids to dry overnight. 
In the morning, I removed the braids. I saw this cute flower on a youtube video, and a friend at N's school had his hair cut into a mohawk. So N begged me to put a mohawk in her hair too. I decided to do both styles, why not?! lol

Starting in the back of her hair, I created one braid on the left, going to the center of her hair. I stopped the braid once I reached the center. I did the same thing on the right and stopped at the center. Also I wanted to do uneven sized braids to create the mohawk. One braid is small, the next is big (and repeat) to create that effect. 

Once I reached the top section of hair. I used eco styler gel and a black hair tie, to create a simple side ponytail. Inside the ponytail I made 4 braids.

To create the flower petals, I create a simple loop by using one of the 4 braids. I tucked it into the hair tie. I continued doing this to each of the 4 braids. Since her hair is long, I had to create 2 loops with one braid. I wrapped the ends of her hair around the hair tie to hide them. 

FYI: You can use a bobby pin to secure the flower petals to the scalp. 

Here is the tutorial I used to create the flower. I made ours larger, since N's hair is thicker. 

The tutorial says to use a rubberband to create the flower petals, but since we are in the BeadsBraidsBeyond Protective Style Challenge, I could not use rubberbands. Instead I used a black hair tie to secure the flower petals.   

I finished her mohawk by creating one large braid. 

*Bonus Pic* Our new 8 week old chihuahua! 


La Shauna | Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LOVE IT!!! it has a cool effect!!! I saw that youtube clip as well and can't wait to try it. Bonez is way too cute!!

Precious Henshaw | Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How cute! I love this!

curlyhairisbeautiful.blogspot.com | Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This is beautiful! I was trying to decide what to do to change up C's style- I might have to try the flower :)

Kandy | Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thanks so much ladies, your sweet comments mean alot :)

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