Little Miss A: Curl-Hawk

Here is a Curl-Hawk style I did on Little Miss A,  if you have a pre-teen/teen then you would know how it is hard (sometimes) to find a style to cater to that age group. Either a style is too baby-ish or too mature but here is a tween hairstyle I did, it's a curl-hawk lol.


1.) I washed, blow dried, and moisturized her hair before beginning.

2.) I parted her hair from ear to ear, I then sectioned off the top from the bottom. I began working on the bottom section.

3.) On the right side of her hair, I started making horizontal braids (starting from her ear going to the center of her hair.)

4.) I did the same thing on the left side, I started making a braid going to the center of her hair.
(note: make sure the two braids are lined up evenly.)

5.) I continued step 3-4 going all the way down her hair.

6.) I unraveled the top section of hair, and followed steps 3-4, and once I reached her forehead, I began making 4 braids going straight back.

7.) I unraveled the ends of all of her braids, and added rubberbands to keep the braid from unraveling.

8.) I used a curling iron to make ringlet curls throughout the entire hair.

9.) Added Bee Mine Juicy Spritz for shine, and Bee Mine Curly Butter to smooth her edges.

Products Used:

Curling Iron
Bee Mine Juicy Spritz
Bee Mine Curly Butter
Blow dryer
Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer

Approx time: 2 hours

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Diva Locks | Friday, March 25, 2011

Very cute! I like it :)

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