Half Braid Out / Half Two Strand Twist: Our Prep Hairstyle

N has a event coming up, and I wanted to prepare her hair for a style for the event. I decided to do half of her hair in two-strand twists, and the top half in a braid out. It sounds cute, but it didn't look to good lol.
But hey, as long as she is happy with her hair, then that's all that matters.

1.) Start with detangled moisturized hair.

2.) I parted the hair from ear to ear across her head.

3.) On the top section I made 3 large braids.

4.) On the bottom section I added bee Mine Curly Butter, and began making two-strand twists in her hair, without parting.

5.) In the morning, I took out the 3 large braids on top of her hair, and secured the hair in a hair tie.

6.) I added a headband as our accessory, and she was good to go.

Products used: Bee Mine Curly Butter
Tangle Teezer (review coming soon..)
and a hair tie/headband

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DsMommy | Thursday, March 17, 2011

Girl...it still looks good...she is a cutie! Can't wait for your TT review!

NitaLee | Friday, March 18, 2011

I think it looks really Cute.. She rockin her Style confidenly Lol

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