Preserving The Style

As the frizzies come, there is really no way to avoid it completely. Here are a few tips to help minimize the appearance of frizzies, and help to keep the style looking fresh & new.


This is so simple, but does a really good job at hiding away the frizzies. I created a quick side ponytail. But styling the twists with a ponytail, pigtails, buns, french braid, or even cornrow it. All of these styles can be created on the twists, help to hide the frizz, and it's cool to switch up the style.

 -Slick It Down-

For N's edges/baby hair I used a small amount of Eco Styler Gel  and smoothed it down with a soft brush. It kind of reminds me of these 90's styles hahaha. But hey! It helps keep her braids looking fresher.


Looks kind of like a big pineapple sitting on top of her hair. As silly as it may look, this method helps to preserve the twists. You simply put the hair into a high loose bun. Then you are all set to go to sleep, when you awake, remove and shake. 

 - Cover it-

Another great way to hide frizz is to place a bandanna over the hair overnight. Make sure it is on snug to help lay the hair down. I leave it on overnight, but if you do not have the time leave it on for a few hours. This will help lay the frizzy hair down. I usually have the bandanna underneath her satin cap. 
Finally, if she is playing around the house or rolling on the ground. I will have her wear her scarf around the house, so this helps to protect the style.

- What are some ways you help to keep protective styles fresh?   

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Charlotte | Saturday, June 30, 2012

I did this same thing earlier this week, creating a bunch of twists. Today is a better day for me. I doodled my fuzzy hairs together and for me that works really well. You cannot get rid of all fuzz and frizz but doing little doodle twists just in my problem areas hides it and the little twists look like pretty curls. Her hair looks beautiful.

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