Once Upon A Curl (Facebook) Giveaway!

I announced to everyone on our Facebook Fan Page back in February, that once we reached 150 followers we would have a Giveaway! Well, we have now reached 286 followers on Facebook!!! Yippee! I have just received the shipment from Once Upon A Curl on Wednesday, after waiting a few months, I apologize for any inconvenience. And I will make sure next time, I will not announce giveaways, until the prizes are in my possession. But as promised, we are giving away some wonderful goodies for your little one!

There will be 2 Winners!!

*The First Place winner will receive the following prizes*

(1) Pack of Flower Beads, (1) Beading Tool, (1) Du-Rag, (1) Blue&White Flower Barrettes, (1) Translucent Flower Barrettes, (1) Translucent Ballies, (1) Multi-Colored Ballies, (1) Baseball-Cap Ballies and (3) Scrunchies.

*The Second Place Winner will receive the following (below)*

(1)Yellow Barrettes, (1)Yellow Ballies, (1) Multicolored Ballies, (1) pack of 100 Beads, (1) Clear Square Ballies, (1) Purple Headband, (1) Rubberbands, and (3) Scrunchies.

Here's how to enter:

1.) You must be a follower of KandyLandKurls Facebook Page.
(Leave a comment telling me you are.)

2.) Suggest 10 friends to follow us on Facebook, or right here on this blog. 
You can do this daily, and suggest as many people as you want, but the minimum is 10.
(Come back and leave their first name, or make sure they leave a comment telling me that YOU sent them.)
Example: Hello, Im Kandy and KandyLandKurls sent me.

-The person who suggests the most people and can get them to be a follower of KandyLandKurls will win (1st) First Place.

-The person who suggests the second highest amount of people will win Second (2nd) Place.
The Giveaway is over on July 8th!
Good Luck To All!!
And Thanks Once Upon A Curl for hosting the giveaway!

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amber prestriedge | Monday, June 27, 2011

I follow on FB

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