Interview with Dominique-Alexis & Bunny From Natural-Hair-Care-Info.com

Thank you Kandy Land Kurls for the interview! Bunny and I really enjoy your creative styles, reviews and your entire blog actually.
1.) Your name and little one's name/nickname?
Dominique-Alexis & Bunny
2.) What’s your hair care routine?
Well I usually detangle, wash, condition, and style her hair on the weekends simply because it’s most convenient then. I do her styles to last at least a week, unless they’re twist outs or something, then it’s really up to the weather to how long they last. She is outdoors a lot so I won't be doing any twist out and down hairstyles for a while because the humidity is so bad here. I also try to alternate between protective hairstyles (which I like) and more creative hairstyles with beads (which she likes).

3.) What products are you currently using?
I really love Naked by Essations hair products. Their shampoo and conditioner is the best I have ever used, hands down. I don’t think they have a moisturizer and I’ve never really found one that I like, so I make my own for both of us and seal with peanut oil.

4.) Do you use (or will or will not use) heat/chemicals on the child's hair?

Under no circumstance will I or anyone be allowed to put chemicals in her hair until she’s old enough to make the decision for herself. And if she decides yes, I will let her know that I don’t agree with that choice, but it is her hair and I can’t really argue with that.
However, I have straightened Bunny’s hair once before. Her hair is very thick and long, so it took a long time. I won’t use heat on her hair again and this is why: she may be nine-years-old, but I don’t think she really understands what’s really happening. All she knows is that the heat makes it straight. She doesn’t understand that there may be side effects/breakage/damage, so until she’s old enough to understand that and make the decision rationally (whether it’s yes or no), I won’t be using heat on her hair again.
With all that said, I do blow dry her hair ON THE COLD SETTING once or twice a year to give her a trim. I do this so I don’t take off more than I anticipated.

5.) Do you use heat/chemicals on your hair?

I will never use a relaxer again but I do straighten my hair every six or seven months because I really do like straight hair. Yes, I love my natural hair, but every once in a while I do like to switch up from the twist outs, flat twists, and cornrows for a straighter style.

6.) What was the worst hair tip you have received?

Well there are two really bad ones I got. The first one being the old “cut your hair a lot and it’ll grow really fast” myth that’s been going around for decades. The second one was the greasing of the scalp. I used to do that every third day and wonder why my hair broke off in greasy hunks.

7.) Do you cut/trim the hair? If so how often? 

Bunny has an actual regimen where she has a set time to style, wash, detangle, trim, etc, whereas I do what I feel like with my hair when I feel like it. I trim both of our ends as needed, which is anywhere between three and six months. It varies a lot. I just trimmed her hair last weekend actually and her hair looks a lot better.

8.) What is some hair advice you would like to share?

I guess it would just to have fun with your hair. That natural hair is a blessing is and absolutely beautiful. Make sure that you’re a role model to your natural children because it’ll be hard for them to love their curls if you don’t.

Show us the pictures!!!!!

Thank you so much for this lovely interview, your styles are out of this world. Bunny's hair looks so thick and healthy, I love it! Keep up the good work!
If you would like to see more styles by the creative Dominique-Alexis stop by their website
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