Product Review: Tikilala ConnectedBeads

Tikilala ConnectedBeads are an exclusive, innovative, and quick way to apply beads. ConnectedBeats make it simple to apply multiple beads at once. Tikilala ConnectedBeads are clusters of hair beads that come in unique colors and save on application time. They go on just like "normal" beads, but only a lot quicker!

Review: What a very smart idea and product! We received a package of beads, and several beads were clustered together. One on top of another. We used our beadstick to put the beads on, which was very quick. Then I slid the beads onto N's braid, and bam! Place our rubberband on the end to secure, and we were finished.

 I think this is a very clever product that saves time. No need to pick out the beads, or put them on one at a time. It was so simple, that N helped me to put the beads on. 

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