Our Holiday Season

Yes! Christmas, Birthdays, and New Years has passed, and Lady N is back in school. Now I can breathe (takes deep breath.) 
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Things have been very busy around here. I spent my winter break celebrating birthday's (my son L, my mom, and myself) we are all December babies (woohoo!) My days were filled with quality family time. But I tried my best to manage the "2013 Protective Style Challenge." I'm so very thankful for Revelle, she has been such a blessing. It's still not too late to participate in our challenge. Here is the link to join: http://www.facebook.com/groups/134266746727443/ 
..Now here is our holiday photo bomb lol...

L is now 3 years old!! 

My son made me a birthday card

I wanted to share this photo of Lady N making a "KandyLandKurls T-shirt" with paper and crayons lol) 

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