Detangling Tangled

The Title of the post looks silly huh? Here's the story, N comes into the living room with her Tangled Rapunzel Doll we brought her a few months ago. She looks at me and says "Ma, I can see why they call her Tangled, her hair is a mess! Can you fix it?" So I quickly grab my super cape and I'm off to save the day!

(This is before)

I decided to wash her hair, I used Ajax dish detergent, then I combed her hair with the Tangled Teezer. And 5 minutes later...

Tangled is Untangled and I have a very happy 6 year old! I have saved the day!


UntrainedHairMom | Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thats great..lol...for real...that beffore pic is what Ds Tangled looks like...I'll be trying this :)

Shay | Tuesday, July 19, 2011

brilliant. i refuse to use the tangle teezer anymore on A's hair so i just might have to use it for this. her's dolls hair always gets mangled up like that after her brother gets a hold of them.

Goldilocks*n*Me | Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You are a G! I can't believe you tackled Tangled :) Braver than I you are...

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