Interview with Celebrity Hairstylist And Creator of Tara Smith Product Line-Tara Smith

Tara Smith is one of the most vibrant, innovative and well-respected celebrity hairstylists in the industry. She has showcased her prowess through an extensive range of notable projects and works with many famous faces both on and off set including: Marisa Tomei, Demi Moore, Rosario Dawson, Neve Campbell, Lucy Liu, Patricia Arquette, Anna Friel, Lindsay Lohan, Adrienne Grenier, Sting and Matthew McConaughey, to name a few. Tara also works in film where her recent credits includes her latest and third film with Demi Moore Happy Tears, Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse and Sex & The City: The Movie (LA Leg); as well as editorial in titles such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. To add to her impressive accolades, Tara was recently named the "2009 Celebrity Hairstylist of the Year" in the UK and was also honored as the 2009 Celebrity Hairdresser winner for the Clothes Show Style Awards. Today, her extensive experience and unique skills have led her to a glittering global career as one of the most soughtafter hair stylists in the world!

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tara Smith, Celebrity Hairstylist and Creator and Founder of Tara Smith Product Line.

Tara continues to flourish and make her mark in the international hair community by releasing her own line of hair products that will truly revolutionize the hair care industry.

How long have you been styling hair?

Professionally for 20 years, but in my fantasy’s since I was 3 or 4 years old, growing up in my mother’s salon and watching all of the ladies in a row under the hairdryers, it all seemed so glamorous- I always like to say I was born with a comb in my hand!

What made you want to produce your own line of hair products?

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me, and as I became more aware of the chemicals that are in most beauty products, and how expensive chemical free, natural products are- I had to do something about it! I made it my mission to develop a line of products that are healthy and free of nasty chemicals, that everyone could afford. And as I am in the industry and work with celebrities whose job it is to look good- the products had to perform too, and mine do. 

What made you choose to use natural organic ingredients versus using chemicals? 

Because 1 in 3 women get cancer, and 1 in 5 men get cancer, and we need to wake up. It is not enough to just watch what you put into your body- we need to watch what we put on to our body just as closely. More than 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, and you would not rub those chemicals into your scalp if you knew what you were exposing yourself and your family to.

Who are some of the celebrities you have worked with?

Demi Moore, Rosario Dawson, Nicole Kidman, Lucy Liu, Lindsay Lohan, Marisa Tomei, Neve Campbell...

What celebrity would you like to work with in the future?

Madonna, Tina Turner, Rihanna....
Whats you favorite hair tool? 

I love the Ego Hairdryer and diffuser, which stands for Every Girls Obsession. It is super light and uses tourmaline components that are not as damaging to the hair and it gives a brilliant blow dry. 

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

Tina Turner! She is such an amazing woman and spirit and I have always admired her. She never gave up and always believed in herself and that kind of determination inspires me.   

Tell us about your current and upcoming projects?

Working on the next generation of Tara Smith products, and developing more styling products to add to the line. Also researching cleaner and greener packaging, and working on making my company carbon neutral in 2011. In between travelling for bookings with my clients and my work for charity. I just ran a ½ marathon in New York for Shoe4Africa- a brilliant cause that is working to build the first children’s hospital in East Africa, which is desperately needed. To donate and find out more go to www.shoe4africa.org

Any advice to the mothers on KandyLandKurls, who have kids with curly hair (when it comes to hair maintenance?)

Well this I know very well as I have a head full of curls myself! Make sure that you use a wide tooth comb to detangle, I love the smooth wooden ones, and comb when hair is properly conditioned, all hair needs good conditioning. And you could try my C Curls shampoo and conditioner- it enhances curls, tames frizz and is super hydrating - developed just for curly hair. 

Thank you so much Tara for allowing KandyLandKurls to interview you. To learn more about Tara Smith's product line and to read about her upcoming projects please visit http://www.tarasmith.com/


DsMommy | Monday, May 16, 2011

Awesome, nice inteview...thanks for the info on the new product line!

Diva Locks | Monday, May 16, 2011

Great interview, now I am interested in her products for curly hair

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