Braids And A Twisted Bun

N had picture day for the second time this year. I needed to do something sort-of fast since we have a busy day ahead. I added a few cornbraids in the front of her hair. Then I made a bunch of two strand twists and pinned them into a bun.


1.) Part the hair ear to ear. (almost all of my styles I part ear to ear lol) 

2.) Starting with the top section, begin making 2 cornbraids on the side of her hair, closest to her ear.

3.) Follow step #2 (number 2) on the other side of the hair.

4.) On the rest of the hair on top, I made 3 braids. 

5.)One braid going towards the Left, and 2 braids going towards the Right.

6.) Next, on the bottom section, put the hair into a ponytail.

7.) Begin making (pinky finger-sized) 2 strand twists.

8.) Once you have the ponytail full of twists, use black bobby pins, to pin the hair into a bun shape.

9.) Finally, I added a few beads to the braids on the top section, and pulled the two braids (near her ears) into the bun.

Approx Time: 45-55 mins. 
Products Used:
 I still can't tell you yet lol, but you will find out pretty soon.
Wide Tooth Comb
Bobby Pins
Ponytail Holder

And I want to wish all of the Moms a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! 


Precious H | Saturday, May 07, 2011

Cute style! Love the beads!


DsMommy | Sunday, May 08, 2011

Real cute...I like the twists into a bun!

BCG's | Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is really cute... i'll definitely try this on my girls.

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