Product Review: Curly Princess Hair Boutique

Thank you Curly Princess Hair Boutique for allowing me to review your products!!
The Curly Princess Hair Boutique offers hair accessories for children with straight, wavy, curly, or kinky hair. You will find a huge selection of hair beads, barrettes, hair snaps and hair ballies to decorate your little one’s hair.
Here are just a few accessories you will find over at The Curly Princess Hair Boutique http://curlyprincesshairboutique.com/ Red & White 40mm                                                        
Red and White 40 mm
price: $2.50
Garden Mix
Garden Mix
price: $2.50
Sparkle Multi-Color Barrels
Sparkle Multi-Colored Barrels
price: $2.00
Even Hello Kitty Hair Bands!! for all of those hello kitty fans out there.
Hello Kitty Hair Bands

-Here are a few pics of "N" with Curly Princess Hair Boutique accessories. We used the Jumbo Pink Tone Mix Hair Beads & Daisy Pink Translucent Barrettes.

Review: "N" *LOVES* the hair accessories especially the Daisy Pink Barrettes, she was walking all over the house swaying her ponytail full of barrettes and listening to them bang together, she even helped snap a few of them on her twists. They are definitely easy to place on the hair and are so cute!! And I LOVE the Jumbo Pink Beads, I think they look good especially with larger sized braids, and for those who are buying Christmas things early, hair snaps and bows make cute stocking stuffers for Christmas.

The prices are very reasonable and it gets even better, you can save 20 % by using the web code: kandylandkurls It's that simple, so run over to Curly Princess Hair Boutique's website http://curlyprincesshairboutique.com/ and get your accessorizing on lol

-Disclosure: The product was sent to me free of charge from the company for the purpose of the review, the opinion of the product is my own.

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